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Are You Ready to Do the Time Warp Again?

Fox has released the first trailer for the reboot of the cult classic ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’, and it gives fans a first look at Laverne Cox’s take on the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Cox, who rose to stardom in Orange is the New Black, has taken over the role which was first brought to the film zeitgeist by the inimitable Tim Curry, in the original theatrical release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, back in 1975.  Ms. Cox seems able to channel Tim Curry to a T, while still bringing her own classy style to the role.

The remake will also star Adam Lambert as Eddie, Staz Nair as Rocky, Tony Award-winner Ben Vereen as Dr. Scott, and Ryan McCartan & Victoria Justice as the newly engaged Brad Majors & Janet Weiss.  Tim Curry will also make an appearance in the film, bringing his iconic screen presence to the role of The Criminologist.

A couple of the staff here at Pop Culture Uncovered (myself included) have actually played roles in shadow cast productions of RHPS, and there are fans of the movie around the world still attending midnight showings to this day.  Therefore, the news of this remake has garnered some mixed reactions from fans.  Everything from outright disdain, to cautious optimism has been spoken from fans, as most of us hope to not see one of our favorite films remade into a cheap imitation.  According to a article which was published last year when this news broke, the remake (tentatively titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event) is expected to “stick faithfully to the text and the score of the original but greatly re-imagine the story visually.”  Seeing this trailer actually gives me a bit of hope, though, as I know that Laverne Cox & Ben Vereen are both exceedingly talented actors, and several other members of the cast have some pretty good voice talent.  I feel like this one might deserve a chance before it is outright lambasted, so I will reserve judgement until it airs.

What say you all?  Are you a fan of the original RHPS?  Will you sit and watch this reboot all the way through?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. AlienChild // July 3, 2016 at 6:29 pm //

    I’ll give this a chance, but I’m not exactly happy about the casting. I’m not a fan of Victoria Justice but she might do okay. I wasn’t too happy to see Laverne Cox cast either because I think the role should have been given to a man, but I think she’ll do the Event justice. My expectations won’t be too high since I’m pretty much stuck on Curry’s performance, but we shall see! It might surprise me.


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