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Weekend Coverage: Predator: Primal #2

Predator is one of my favorite alien creatures, besides the Alien (Xenomorph) of course. I remember watching the films, and seeing how terrifying this creature was. Picking apart commandos, having unique looking weapons, and having a sense of honor. It makes the Predator an interesting character, which the comics expanded upon. Without the Predator, I probably wouldn’t have been reading comic books today. I say that because I started out reading comics through the graphic novel format, and my first graphic novel was the Predator Omnibus Volume One, from Dark Horse comics. The Predator omnibus, collects stories from the Predator comic book line from the 90’s. Volume one of the Predator Omnibus came out in 2007, and it had a good follow-up story, to the original film. Eventually, I collected all of the omnibus volumes for the Predator, Alien, and Terminator.

Predator Omnibus v4-005

For this installment of weekend coverage, I decided to go with the cover of Predator: Primal #2 by Bob Eggleton. Predator: Primal is a two issue limited comic book series that ran from July – August in 1997, and first published by Dark Horse comics. The series was written by Kevin J. Anderson, illustrated by Scott Kolins, inked by John Lowe, colored by Jimmy Johns, David Nestelle and Dave Stewart, lettered by Steve Dutro and edited by Randy Stradley and Ian Stude, with cover art by Bob Eggleton. The story follows a Predator who comes face to face with a mother Grizzly Bear, after killing one of her cubs.

Bob Eggleton did the cover art for both issues, but I just like this one better. The cover was painted with amazing detail, and lets you know, that the Predator is on the ropes from fighting the grizzly bear. The Predators luminous blood is flowing into the water, the face mask is off, cuts on its face, and slumped over a log. Also, it seems like the Predator has a “Save Me” look on his face. While the mother Grizzly bear looks ferocious with saliva dripping from her mouth, on her hind legs, and claws out, ready to deliver the final blow. The fire in the background is a nice touch, and makes the fight look intense. The piece of tree on the left side, makes it seem the bear is coming through the flames, and obscures a portion of its body. The fire could also resonate with the mother Grizzly because she is full of rage over the loss of her cub.

The colors just look downright phenomenal with an orange/yellow glow around the scene. It brightens up the scene, and makes the two creatures light in tone. I love how Eggleton makes the bear’s fur realistic. The palette of colors used for the Predator look great, and it reminds me of the old school Predator. The color of the blood looks like it came right out of the film. Also the dreads on the Predator has a metallic shine, and it works with the scene.

This is just one of the many great covers, from the Predator line of comics, from Dark Horse.


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