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Gotham S3:E20 Recap

Well. That’s one way to solve the problem.


The Solo Effect

With Barnes in the hospital Harvey’s in charge of the GCPD, he gives everyone their assignments then he and Jim hit up Tabitha, the only person who truly knows how Theo thinks. Tabitha fills them in on Azrael and agrees to help them take down Theo, taking them to where the real sword of St. Dumas is buried. Unfortunately Azrael shows up, handing all of them their asses, though Jim holds out better than the other two. Tabitha tries to talk Azrael down and make him remember that he’s actually Theo but all that does is remind him that a: his original mission was to kill the shite out of Bruce Wayne and b: Tabitha bounced on his arse. He stabs the hell out of her and she ends up comatose in the hospital, ripe for the killing when Penguin shows up. Butch is there and tries to out crazy Penguin but he simply does not have what it takes so they make a deal….

Penguin is Officially Not EFFING Around

Azrael takes his crazy to Wayne Manor where Alfred holds his own with a sword like a boss when bullets prove to be ineffective.  Bruce escapes to the garage, after Alfred gets tossed out a window, and baits and switches Azrael so he can run his ass over with one of the cars. Of course, Azrael just gets up. Jim comes in, guns blazing, just as Bruce is about to be beheaded and empties an entire clip into this fool but like Michael Myers, Azrael is not staying down.

In rolls Penguin, with Butch by his side toting an RPG, to blow Theo the eff up. It’s amazing. The best part is Alfred’s ‘Thanks for the assist’ handwave which had me laughing so hard I had to rewind.

Bridget is dead. Long live Firefly.

Selina breaks into Arkham in an insane attempt to get Bridget out after finding out from Bruce that it’s more than likely she’s being experimented on by Hugo. On the way in she runs into Ed who, after seeing what’s going on in the basement, nopes his way out of there through the ventilation shafts. He tells her that if she shows him how to get out he’ll show her how to get to the basement of horrors. Unfortunately for both of them Hugo has cottoned on to their respective plans. Ed gets caught and Selina ends up in a room with Bridget who is fully subsumed by her Firefly persona thanks to Hugo.

Ed and Selina are screwed as no one but them knows about the damn basement of doom.

  • That was an official Killer Croc sighting you guys.
  • I love that Peabody and Strange are just so calm in the face of Harvey’s bluster and Jim’s crazy eyes. It’s hilarious.
  • Butch has a type doesn’t he?
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