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The Mindy Project S4:E17 Recap

Sometimes you just have to go for it.

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Mindy Lahiri is DTF

Mindy Gets Her Groove Back

Mindy is feeling her six month sex drought (her dreams are…upsetting) but finds breaking the drought both terrifying and weird. Especially as a single mother on a time frame. She receives help from Chelsea (yay!) and that help is so hilariously awful that Mindy eventually decides to not overthink it and hook-up with a hot bartender.

Ruiner of Lives

Unknowingly Mindy could’ve had a nice date with Jody, who finally decides to nut up after being inspired by Elementary, and actually ask Mindy out. In person and everything! Except Danny got the letter that he sent, not Mindy, as Jody sent it to her old address. Danny, of course, cockblocks the hell out of Jody until Jody backs off completely.

I’m sure Mindy will be oh so pleased when she finds out.

Between Jody and Danny the miscommunication is strong with this episode and Mindy’s decision to just pick up a nice dude she just met, while probably not the smartest, is fully understandable.

Still. This going to blow up in everyone’s faces in unexpected ways.

Status Report

  • Of course Jeremy showed up in full Sherlock Holmes garb to watch Elementary.
  • Just how many handcuffs has Chelsea been locked up in?
  • While Mindy always looks super cute she was especially smoking this episode. Get it girl.
  • ‘Tell that Civil War ghost to get his ass in here!’ – Mindy re: Jody.
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