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Movie Review: Meet the Blacks

I’m pretty sure this is the worst parody I ever watched. I honestly think I walked away from this movie wondering why I signed up for it.  The trailer itself made me cringe, but I had high hopes. 

Meet the Blacks is a parody off of The Purge franchise and opens up with Snoop Dog whitefacing as he gives a public service announcement about the purge. I’m pretty sure the reaction on some of the people’s faces in the theatre was the same reaction they gave when Nick Cannon promoted his White People Party Music. Yet, this was just the beginning of the horrific racist jokes that came one after another without really attacking real issues occurring in our current society.

I’m hoping that many of the audience reading this has seen The Purge. The synopsis for this movie begins with Carl Black moving his family from Chicago to Beverly Hills when some unexpected money comes his way. Unfortunately, the unexpected funds were stolen from a drug dealer who Carl believed was going to get locked up for 5 years. The reason Carl Black decided to move to Beverly Hills is because he thought that nice neighborhoods that were gated didn’t participate in the annual purge. Of course he is wrong, as every single one of his neighbors are preparing for the 12 hour illegal fun fest. Once the purge commences, his past in Chicago starts catching up to him. The movie is filled with forgettable jokes rife with racism, stereotyping, and some of the same sickening crap the Scary Movie franchise came up with. The only great part of the movie is the sprinkle of funny stars, that didn’t make me laugh for once, like George Lopez, Mike Tyson and Perez Hilton.  

Now, what made this movie so bad? Let’s first talk about what a parody is actually supposed to do. It pokes fun of a popular movie, pokes fun on current socio-political situations, and does it with humorous intent while making relevant commentary. Yet, there is are many points in this movie where things just go too far. Not only did the movie have lots of yelling, screaming and missing real social issues; but strung one line after another of stereotypes that we all know and are tired of.  This movie had all the potential to be a parody while attacking xenophobia, poor distribution of wealth, and shed some real light on the current situation that America’s society is in. Instead audiences were once again forced to watch Asians doing nails, African Americans acting loud and crazy, and Hispanics having  “El something” name; the jokes are over done.   This movie showed no subtlety;  it was as if they just assumed the audience would be fine with this and laugh. It was insulting.

Parodies are great. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all of them. Yet, this one just didn’t make me laugh at all.  I was just disgusted. I think it’s time to drop the stereotypes, or use parodies to prove them wrong in a more creative way. Either way, I’m not surprised this movie did so bad already. In fact I see it going straight to DVD soon. Wait for it on Netflix on a Tuesday afternoon when you plan on vacuuming.

Meet the Blacks gets a 1 poorly written one liners out of 5.

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  1. Nice article. I had planned to avoid this anyway.


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