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Penny Dreadful S3:E1 Recap

Stronger together…

The Day Tennyson Died

Tennyson has died and London mourns as Vanessa continues her downward spiral after the events of last season, alone at home, surrounded and covered in filth. It’s a sad state of affairs and shows how much our Dreadfuls need each other and how bad it gets when they’re ripped apart.

Someone That I Used To Know

Lyle shows up at Grandage Place to real talk Vanessa into going to see a psychiatrist because seriously, girlfriend is a damn mess. It works and Vanessa heads off to meet with Doctor Seward, getting the first of many shocks as Seward looks exactly like Joan Clayton aka The Cut Wife. Much like Joan, Seward reads Vanessa like a book and tells her she’ll help Vanessa get her shite together but Vanessa has to do her homework: do something she’s never done before, every day, to get out of the damn house for more than their appointments.

Daddy Issues

Over in America Rusk is taking Ethan to be hanged but things don’t go as planned when Ethan’s father intervenes, violently. Frankly, Ethan would be better off dying I’m thinking, as there’s a reason he put an ocean between himself and daddy dearest. It doesn’t help that Hecate is still stalking him either. Good thing Ethan’s actual dad’s: Malcolm and Kaetenay are mounting a rescue.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Over at Druggy Doctors R Us, Victor is also falling apart in the wake of Brona!Lily and Dorian’s treachery and reaches out to his ‘brother’ for help. That brother? Doctor Henry Jekyll. You can practically see the moment things go from bad to worse for everyone when Jekyll agrees. Nothing good will come from this.

As I said at the top, this episode emphasizes just how much these people need each other and how much of a family our main crew have become. In the wake of Sembene’s death and Ethan’s capture, this little family is floundering at a time when they should have closed ranks. It’s left everyone vulnerable in ways they absolutely cannot afford because Dracula is officially here and Lucifer never left.

I cannot wait to see how everyone gets back together and what kind of hell they’ll have to go through to do so.

Ha’penny Thoughts

  • Still don’t care about Caliban though
  • Seward’s family name is Clayton huh? Hmmmm
  • I have my suspicions about who Doctor Sweet is but we shall see.
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