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Containment S1:E2

Sometimes you really do need to build a wall

Containment; The CW

I to Die, You To Live 

Cannerts Hates His Life

It’s day one of the quarantine and Cannerts has identified the virus as H2N2 that’s been genetically modified to be even more virulent and harder to destroy. As he’s performing the autopsy on Sayid, Cannerts (and we) get a scare as one of Sayid’s organs explodes. There’s blood everywhere and it’s awesome. 

Teresa’s Has The Worst Friends

Teresa has the world’s dumbest friends as they’re too busy drinking their parents’ stash to pay attention to the whole viral epidemic. This is especially problematic once Jake, who spends the episode behaving like an absolute wanker, realizes that the doctors missed one of the infected, Elizabeth, one of the aforementioned stupid friends.


You Say Journalism, I Say Tabloid…

Lex runs afoul of Leo, the journalist we saw in the previous episode which doesn’t help his day as he is trying to do his job and keep the people inside the cordon safe while trying desperately not to think about the fact that Jana and Jake are stuck on the outside. Leo makes it clear that he knows something that Lex doesn’t and most definitely has someone on the inside of the containment efforts.

Told you he would be problematic.

Day One Report:

This episode is slow, as it’s still doing table setting and giving us more background on Jana, Suzy and Katie. The Jana and Suzy stuff works, fleshing out their relationship (they’re foster sisters) and clarifying their interactions. However, the same can’t be said for Katie who still boring and a little annoying though we do get a glimmer of a personality from her when she calls Jake out on his hot-headed behavior and petulance over being asked to do his job.

Unfortunately, this is at the expense of the two most magnetic characters as Sabine mostly looks super hot and bosses people around in the background (though we get a hint that she knows more than she’s letting on about the origins of the virus) and Lex is reduced to being suspicious of her and giving speeches.

That final scene though? Amazing. 


  1. So. Katie’s on something….
  2. All these shows just reinforce my paranoia about growing my own food and getting off grid. 


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