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The Sartorial Geek: Sock It To Me!

The common wisdom is that your socks should match your trousers or your skirt/dress. Sometimes you just want throw that common wisdom out with the trash and live on the wild side a bit with your style. Socks are a great way to bring a little chaos to an otherwise safe outfit, or to just crank up the crazy on an already bombastic ensemble. The cool thing about socks is that you can literally get them in any sort of design that you want, this includes your favorite character property.


You don’t have to be gamma irradiated like the Hulk to wear the atomic structure with your outfit. Over the calf socks like the ones above can add a little science cred to your outfit, in addition to a few protons, neutrons, and electrons.


Speaking of the Hulk, any Marvel true believer would be delighted to sport some of the house that Stan and Jack built most famous creations. Featuring classic depictions of some of fandom’s favorite residents of the 616, these calf huggers would go well with the snappiest of 3 piece suits.


You don’t have to be stuck in a bunker after a nuclear holocaust to appreciate to these socks. These Fallout themed socks will be the delight of everyone’s inner Pip-Boy  or Pip-Girl.


Taking a point  in design from classic Star Trek, these sock are built for the trekkie in all of us. Having the ability to choose between engineering, science, and command allows you for imagine you are on the NCC 1701. Giving you the sense of standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Montgomery Scott, Spock, or James T. Kirk can make any day just a bit brighter.

Additions like the ones above can add a bit of color and pizzaz to any outfit. More importantly, you can add just a dash of your inner geek to the mix. This way you can guarantee that everyday will be just a little bit brighter and of course a whole lot geekier.

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