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Supergirl – Season One Finale Recap & Review

The most important power is family on Supergirl

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Better Angels

Stronger Together

We learn first hand that Kara should’ve continued the hand-to-hand combat lessons Alex was giving her, as she (influenced by Myriad and powered by Non’s kryptonite laced suit) proceeds to hand Kara her butt. It’s a reminder that Alex is a fully trained and lethal soldier and had been long before Kara found out about it. Alex’s skill set is not to be taken lightly.

Also not to be taken lightly is the power of family; a theme the show has revisited repeatedly this season and one I’ll touch on more later. In the context of the episode it’s J’onn and Eliza showing up just when Alex is about to murder Kara, snapping her out of Non’s mind control and reminding her of who she is, how much her family loves her and is proud of her. Alex is the strongest member of the Danvers family and the glue that holds them, and everyone else really, together.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Once everyone is officially in their right minds and focused on the task of breaking the Myriad control over National City things go off pretty much without a hitch. However, Kara learns the lesson that Barry also had to learn the hard way this week: never underestimate the villains’ crazy or ability to plan ahead. With Myriad neutralized, Non and Indigo decide that if they can’t control the humans of Earth, they sure as hell can kill them by (using Max’s network) amping up the signal so that it will make every human on Earth’s head explode.

It’s a good plan, especially as Non and Indigo don’t do the villain gloat, but instead just set the amplification and make plans to peace out.

Only the combined efforts of Max and the DEO tracking the signal to its origin point and J’onn (who hilariously proves to General Lane that if he didn’t want to be in a cell he wouldn’t be in a cell) and Kara doing the literal heavy lifting, especially as Clark is still out cold from the initial wave, keep everyone from dying.

The acting and pacing are on point, with various plot threads getting wrapped up and a few more being unraveled, it’s a great way to end the season that really makes you want more.

Looking Back

This season, while far from perfect, was a pretty amazing intro into the world of Kara Zor El. In some ways Kara’s superpowers are incidental to the overall narrative: what grounds Kara, what makes her a hero, is her foundations on earth and Krypton.

The power of family and the relationships between women is what make this show stand out. Whether it’s Cat, Calista Flockhart giving a revelation of a performance, pushing Kara to actually figure out who and what she wants to be when she grows up; Eliza, brilliant, loving and terrified of losing her two special children the way she lost her husband; J’onn whose entire world was destroyed due to racism and hatred yet still finds it in himself to open his heart to humanity in general and to the Danvers sisters in particular; or Max who lost his parents needlessly and horrifically and now, in a misguided effort to make sure no one else suffers the same way, is slowly becoming a monster, family is the guiding force for all of these characters.

Hands down the best and most important relationship on the show is the one between Alex and Kara. Two young women who are both superheroes, who were thrown together under circumstances that could have driven them apart but instead brought them closer and made them sisters. It’s a perfect parallel to the relationship between Alura and Astra, who were born sisters and had a seemingly perfect childhood together yet diverged so sharply as people that Krypton was destroyed and Earth was almost annihilated because of it.

These relationships make all the super heroics feel personal, grounded and real without losing the lighter tone of the series and turning it into GrimDark The Series. Yes, there were weak spots: Kara and James are happening way too soon; I would trade Non and Indigo for the far more complex Astra in a heartbeat; Max Lord only started having gray areas in the last three episodes; too many villains who are too easily defeated but overall?

I’m ready for more.

What say you? Want another season of Supergirl? Do you like how it used Kara’s canon but also fleshed her out in ways she’s really not in the comics? Let us know in the comments!

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