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A Curt Response

Curt Schilling just lost his job, but it wasn’t because of one inflammatory post.

Wednesday night ESPN fired Curt Schilling. Ostensibly it was due to his posted and deleted post on Facebook about the controversy over which bathrooms transgendered individuals are “allowed” to use. And I do not dispute that was the final straw, but if you think this is a response to one incident you haven’t been paying attention to ol’ Bloody Sock Schilling for a while.

From claiming his political affiliation is what has kept him out of the Baseball Hall of Fame (and throwing serious shade on someone who got in instead of him even though the shade was unwarranted and not in any way based in fact) to comparing Muslims to Nazis (during the Little League World Series no less), from saying that Hillary Clinton deserves to be buried under a jail somewhere to his history of posting / sharing memes that are both overtly inflammatory and controversial, Curt being fired is not an isolated incident.

Mr. Schilling was provided a copy of ESPN’s policy on the election and politics, although he claims his copy went into his spam folder (you’d think someone as active on social media and gaming as Curt Schilling would know how to make sure his employer’s address is listed as “safe”) and he ignored it. So now he has to pay the price for his choices.

And because I know SOMEONE is going to say something about Schilling’s free speech rights being violated allow me to leave you with this:

Freedom Of Speech


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