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Game of Thrones Season Six Trailer is up…are you ready??

Games of Thrones: Robert Baratheon Crown

Who dies…?

Here. We. Go.

Background chant, you are too loud, I cannot understand what anyone is saying!

Jon Snow! Bitch, we know you’re not dead.

Tyrion’s dealing with the mountain of bullshite that Dany left behind.

Dany is reduced to her meatsuit.  Again.

Sansa’s got that murderous gleam in her eyes. Let’s hope she gets to let her inner assassin come out.

Are we actually going to see Arya train for real this year?

Jaime’s back to start effing people up because, despite all her posturing, Cersei can’t actually handle all the seeds of nonsense she’s sown coming into fruition.

It’s the year of characters we ain’t seen in a minute coming back with a vengeance.

Wait…is that Margery with Theon? Ew.

Once again Davos and the wildlings are the only ones focused on the actual real problem of the undead army heading to Westeros.

Tyrion gets the best lines.

White Walker Army and Dragons, mothereffers. This show had better not let me down with the dragons again or I’ll set something on fire.

Well. I’m cautiously optimistic, what about you guys?

Who lives…?

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