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Justice League vs. Teen Titans: Hot or Not?

It has taken just around a decade for the Teen Titans to release their own animated feature, and thankfully it’s one you shouldn’t miss. The highly anticipated straight to digital download was leaked a few days early from its original release date of March 26th. The films premise follows Damian, Batman’s son and now the new Robin, to learn the importance of teamwork. [If that sounds like news to you, you may want to check out The Son of Batman on Netflix.] During an important mission battling the Legion of Doom with the Justice League, Damian’s actions were rash and not in the best interest of the group, hence why Batman made the executive decision to send Damian to Titans Tower. He is introduced to his new squad which includes: Raven, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and team leader Starfire. [Nightwing used to be part of the group, and Cyborg is part of the Justice League.] As expected, Damian does not play by the rules, nor does he attempt to get to know his new team. As the movie progresses, young Robin does find that he is becoming more attached than expected and begins to realize what being a part of a unit truly means.

As a tribute to the original 80’s comic book series, Raven unloads on her origin where her mother becomes part of a satanic cult, which ended up offering her up as “Satan’s Bride.” Granted Trigon isn’t really Satan, but I guess it’s close enough. As you can probably guess, Trigon is a conqueror and has his eyes on planet Earth. You may be wondering what this has to do with the Justice League; well, Raven’s brethren take over the bodies of Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Thankfully Damian was able to protect both Cyborg and his father from going under the control of these dark souls. The Teen Titans battle the Justice League to release them from the clutches of evil, while Raven attempts to ban Trigon back into the crystal he escaped from – hence the title Teen Titans vs. Justice League.

The characters are well developed and I enjoyed seeing Beast Boy in his teen years (compared to his character in Young Justice), and how he has taken the podium for ultimate goof. The music was great, and the story line did a wonderful job of exemplifying Teen Titans in all of their glory. The animation was well done, and I was grateful for the return of the original voice actors for, most if not all, of the cast. I’ve always been impressed with DC’s cartoon films and series, so the film had big shoes to fill. Take some time out of your stressful week to download Justice League vs. Teen Titans available online for digital download on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Video for $14.99. If that doesn’t work for you, you can wait for the DVD release on April 12th for $12.99 or BluRay for $16.99.

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