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Review Brew: Ninjak #14

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Diego Bernard

Colorist: Arreola Pantazis

Letter: Dave Sharpe


Colin King has it all, looks, wealth, and he’s a genius. Wait, did I also mention he is not only a spy for M:I6 but the super assassin Ninjak! Yep, Colin has it all except for some well deserved down time. After surviving his ordeal in the Deadside – The land of the Dead- Colin returns home in odre to rest and reflect on his life. That’s exactly when all Hell Breaks Loose!!! An unknown enemy has begun to systematically erase Colin King from this world. First taking his home, then his safe houses, erasing his digital foot print and finally making him M:I6’s most wanted. Now with no money or resources, Colin must use his Omega level IQ and the years of martial arts training to track down  his enemy all before either they or M:I6 catches him first.

The arc promises to be intriguing because for the first time we will see Colin King at his bare bones and possibly most crafty. From Ninjak’s re-introduction to the Valiant universe fans have seen his amazing skills in the suit, now without the Ninjak armor or weaponry how will Colin face an enemy that seems to know everything about him. Matt has crafted this story so from the moment you open the comic the action starts and doesn’t relent till the end only to leave the reader wanting more. Diego Bernhard’s art work absolutely fits perfectly with the story, the comic felt more like a blockbuster mover then an a comic. These were the same talents Diego had brought to X-O Manowar his dynamic art style brings a cinematic quality to the comic.

Valiant has billed this as a perfect jumping on point for new readers and they are absolutely correct. If your like me and missed the last story arc or this is your first issue of Ninjak you can read this with out being lost in the lore.

With its intriguing and action packed story and beautiful artwork I give Ninjak #14  4 Throwing Stars out of 5.

So what do you think of Ninjak 14 or any other Valiant title, comment below and let us know. For more Comic news and reviews stick with us here at Pop Culture Uncovered

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