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Gotham S2:E15 Recap

All the crazy is seeping out onto everyone’s lives…

Cory Michael Smith as Ed Nygma aka The Riddler Gotham Fox

Mad Grey Dawn

Little Bird Lost

This episode Oswald tries to actually deal with being in the world after his stint at Arkham. He goes to visit Butch and Tabitha first and while it doesn’t go as bad as it could, him still being alive and all, he does end up tarred and feathered.

Things seemingly take a turn for the better when his creepy dad, Elijah Van Dahl, shows up at Gertrude’s grave. Apparently Elijah and Gertrude had an affair when they were young but as Gertrude was just the cook his parents, who were billionaires, weren’t having it. They sent Gertrude away and Elijah, supposedly, never knew he had a son. 

After meeting the rest of Oswald’s family I think his situation just went from bad to worse.

Made Of Iron

I get my wish this week when Ivy comes back into play, helping Selina and Bruce pull off a heist of Butch’s annoying nephew’s drug money. While the plan pretty much goes off without a hitch Selina and Bruce get caught leaving. Things look grim until Bruce goads Sonny, the aforementioned annoying nephew, into beating him thus putting Alfred’s lessons about waiting out a large opponent to good use. Selina and Bruce proceed to beat arses and escape with the loot but Selina’s wigged out by Bruce getting off on pain.

Yeah, welcome to your future Selina.

Hoist By His Own Petard

Ed spends the episode setting Jim up perfectly to take the fall for murdering Pinkney, the last surviving member of the squad, and for Jim’s actual murder of Galavan. Jim ends up convicted and in Blackgate so he sends Lee away for her and the baby’s sake and tries to prepare himself for being in a prison where half the population is there because of him.


While Ed does a phenomenal job of using Jim’s weaknesses against him he doesn’t count on several very important things:

  • Harvey absolutely knows that Jim was set up
  • Bruce also knows that this is bullshite

Which means that the crew is going to close ranks around Jim and this is going to come back on Ed in ways he can’t even begin to comprehend and from angles he’s not going to look for especially as upon hearing the news Barbara wakes up.

And Ed ain’t prepared for Barbara’s crazy.

It’s Getting Real

Barbara is going to mess Ed’s entire world up. He’ll be lucky to come out alive and that’s if Harvey, Bruce and Alfred don’t figure it out first.

So. Oswald’s family. Batshit, yes? Yes.

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