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One of us…one of us…

Geekdom is mainstream, but it still lacks authority. But that could be about to change…

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It’s been a long slow road to acceptance for us geeks. Years of ridicule and marginalization, wedgies and swirlies and generally being relegated to the background. But then, slowly, we began to break through…

I think it started when Samuel L. Jackson said in an interview he was a comic book fan. It was a moment of validation for us. The guy whose wallet said “Bad Mother Fucker” on it was into comics. No one was going to give Sam Jackson a wedgie, not unless they wanted to enter a world of pain.

Then Lord of The Rings came out to universal praise and HUGE box office numbers. Now the D&D / sword & sorcery crowd had something to brag about. All of a sudden all the cool kids were talking about orcs and dwarves and elves (it didn’t hurt that Liv Tyler & Orlando Bloom gave a lot of people a visceral reason to like elves depending on your particular attraction).

We bottomed out a bit with The Big Bang Theory, but on the bright side the blandest network in America (CBS aka That Network Your Grandparents Like When They Aren’t Watching Fox News) thought we were worthy of a formulaic sitcom that mocks us based on old tropes and stereotypes, so that is a bonus I guess.

I thought we had hit the pinnacle when Obama was elected President. This is a guy who wrote a bestselling book where he admitted to reading comics AND doing the Vulcan “Live Long & Prosper” greeting. I mean, whatever your political affiliation is you have to admit that was big. But then I heard this:

“A painful moment for any young man, selling his comic book collection”

That is a quote from President Obama about how Merrick Garland paid his way through Harvard Law. In case you haven’t heard, Obama just nominated Garland to replace the recently departed Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Just last year we found out that Elena Kagan was a comics fan when she wrote the majority ruling in Kimble v. Marvel:

Spider Man Supreme Court

But we didn’t know about this until after she was nominated and confirmed, which happened in 2010. She was a closet geek who finally felt comfortable letting her geek flag fly. Garland is openly geeky and is respected by people on both sides of the aisle. To have a proudly admitted geek on the highest court in the land, with a lifetime appointment…that has to be the pinnacle. After this the only thing bigger would be getting one of us as Chief Justice, but to be honest I’m holding that spot for Vin Diesel. If you can be a gamer genius (Seriously), Groot AND The Iron Giant you qualify to be Chief Justice.

This is why I am calling for the Senate to quit dragging their feet and confirm Mr. Garland as the next Supreme Court Justice. Forget the Biden Rule, Mitch McConnell. We all know that you were picked on as a kid, even if you did beat the hare in the big race. Come on, Lindsey Graham. Your name alone was worth getting shoved in lockers at least twice a week. I know both of you and a bunch of other Senators still have your official Luke Skywalker lightsabers and Hulk Hands hidden in your office, tucked away where no one can find them but close enough to grab when you’ve had a bad day & you’ve sent all of your staffers home.

Because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

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