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Gotham S2:E14 Recap

One hot mess dealt with, a worse hot mess on the horizon…

Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon and David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne Gotham Fox

This Ball Of Mud and Meanness

Wind Him Up And Watch Him Go

Oswald spends the episode being ‘cured’ by Peabody and Hugo via shock therapy and a modified version of Crane’s formula. When Oswald’s not hallucinating himself murdering his mom he’s a docile little bird who doesn’t actively try to murder those around him, even when he has ample opportunity.  Pleased with his progress Hugo officially declares Oswald sane and unleashes him on the general populace. Peabody thinks that’s a huge mistake but Hugo’s got plans for Oswald even Peabody isn’t privy to.

But For Me, It Was A Tuesday

Bruce spends the episode putting two of his three dads in danger in his quest to track down and murder Matches Malone with Alfred ending up in the hospital and Jim almost getting killed in a riot. It ends when Bruce finally confronts Matches, who has killed so many people that the Waynes were barely a blip on his radar, but who is so tired of being soulless garbage that he begs Bruce to kill him. Bruce doesn’t (which, thanks for giving Jim, Alfred and Lucius effing heart attacks with your crazy, you little ass) but does realize what everyone has been trying to tell him: revenge doesn’t solve anything and murder is not a something you recover from. Bruce also realizes that he needs to learn how to live in a world where you aren’t Bruce Wayne and pops off to live on the streets with Selina.

What’s That On The Horizon? A Shitestorm’s Brewing? 

Jim’s genuine concern for Ed, Kristen and their effed up relationship should be of no surprise to anyone. That Ed, because of the whole murdering everyone thing, reads it as a setup should also surprise no one. Now we have Ed, armed with all the information that Oswald shared with him while they were roomies and going off the rails, because he honestly doesn’t get that Jim is his friend and is actually worried about him. 

Yeah. That’s only going to end poorly.


What in the hell is Hugo doing?  

I like that each Joker’s background is a reflection of the different versions of the comics, I hope we see Jeri again.

So, does this mean we’ll be seeing Ivy soon?

How long before Hugo wakes Barbara up and points her at Jim?

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