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Still on the fence about buying The Division? We understand.

As the hours tick down to the release of The Division, there is still a question among some gamers as to why the should get it. Frankly, you can’t blame them. This is one of the last big games that was announced at the 2013 E3 at the dawn of the current console cycle. Players are concerned because after Titanfall, Destiny, Evolve and a few others, they are hoping that The Division brings something new to the table.

Talking to a few gamers that have played the beta, many are already optimistic that The Division will improve where others games failed especailly considering that this is a online title. If you are like me, someone who has yet to make up their mind about whether to get it, what do other gamers have to say about whether or not they will get it?

We asked and here are some of the responses:

Harry C.:  Have them play the beta. I was sold. And I’m picky on games.

Dale H.: A lot of people are going to want to compare this game with Destiny or Borderlands. It is not those games. Destiny is great in what it does, but it does not make the story accessible to the player in the game. Borderlands is great in that it gives you tons of loot for your time invested… but then you play the game of what do I keep, toss, and sell. What sold me on the Division was a story that was accessible from within the game, loot that was earned that made sense to what we were doing at the time, and most of all I was able to go and “Explore” the city, and find people and quest that were not on the game map that mattered. This can not be stated enough… the game wanted me to go right from the start and proceed to go do “missions” but when I decided to not do that… the game didn’t punish me, but let me go and wander, and let me find other stuff to do that was just as good as all the “story” mission that were available. That ability to explore will have me playing this game for a long time to come.

Shane B.: I’m on the fence over it. I played the last day of the demo and I thought it was interesting. Its a nice diversion from the run and gun shooters that have gotten so old and boring. Having never really played it who knows. I like to reserve judgment on things until after I have had some time with the full release. I think it is cool how it brings back and relies on some of that cover based play a la gears of war and x-com. I think some people will find that annoying but i think it adds a degree of realism. I’m just worried that its a game that if you don’t jump on it right out of the gate and stay with it, non stop, you could quickly fall behind and always be trailing.

Brandon C.: I don’t know that any of us can sell you on it. Many of us are on the fence. It has potential to to be really good. But I have been burned by Destiny so I am a little nervous. I like certain aspects. The overall premise could be strong. Though because it’s Tom Clancy, it will probably just end up being a giant government conspiracy. I am nervous about it, but I think I may pick it up. Because unlike Destiny, The Division actually has a story. And they seemed to have learned from Destiny’s numerous mistakes. And the servers worked well during the open Beta. I don’t think those will be a problem.

And what about Solo play?

Many players are also on the fence because many just don’t want to be forced to play online. One of the biggest complaints about Star Wars Battleground and Rainbow 6 was the lack of a fully realized single player mode, despite the knowledge that it wasn’t going to be fleshed out.   The Division does seem like they will keep solo players in mind.

VG247 asked Ubisoft about Solo Play and here is what was said:

VG247: You’re also said The Division can very much be played as a single-player game although it’s designed as a multiplayer game. I found it very tough when part of my team was out of the firefights. Is it a harder experience in single-player?

Magnus Jansen (Creative Director): What you experienced was the game still thinking you were in a group of players. That’s the content scaling to three players. Obviously we scale stats, the numbers and to some degree the behaviour of the enemies depending on whether you playing as one, two, three or four players. We are not deliberately punishing solo players or incentivising them by making it harder. Absolutely not. The size of your group decides what we throw at the player at any given time.

To me it’s a matter of intent. It’s a great single-player game, period. We don’t use a stick, but rather a carrot, to get people on board with multiplayer, be it co-op or PvP in Dark Zones or the social spaces in the Safe Houses. You only need to right click on a controller to create a group. And then you can run with someone without even joining a group. I can revive you in the Dark Zone even if you’re not a group.

So where are you in relation to getting the game?  Are you buying it on opening day release are you waiting? Still need one more incentive to getting the game?  Gamestop is offering to take your games for  $25 dollars towards The Division.

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