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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Home Theater Release

The consensus amongst Star Wars fans was that the highly anticipated release of the latest chapter in the Jedi saga did not disappoint and only left fanboys & girls thirsty for more. With Episode VIII still 22 months away, all eyes now shine on the home theater release of TFA, which should be coming this April.

Savvy internet warriors have picked up on the news, courtesy of Blu-Ray.Com, that not only will the release include a DVD and Blu-Ray copy, but will also include an additional Blu-Ray disc. This is huge news for Force lovers as this can mean only one thing: unseen content that is sure to contain behind the scenes footage and commentary, but may also include deleted scenes (which is rumored to be extensive).

Will we see how Maz Kanata came to be in possession of a particular Lightsaber? How Supreme Leader Snoke came to power? Who is Lor San Tekka and what was his role in the rebellion? We only have a few more weeks to discover the features of the disc that can send us into hyperspace!


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