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Supergirl Recap S1:E13

Creepy plants and psychotropic visions. Just another week on Supergirl!

Chyler Leigh as Special Agent Alex Danvers Supergirl CBS

For The Girl Who Has Everything

This episode was all about family as the core family of Kara, Alex, Hank, James and Winn fight on every front, mentally, physically and psychologically to save Kara from her face hugger friend, with unexpected assists from Astra and Max. While everyone involved does an amazing job as the crew scrambles to save Kara this is Chyler Leigh’s episode as she gives a heartbreaking and raw performance as Alex who is at the end of her rope and utterly desperate to keep her sister alive. 

Most Nope Worthy Moment:

The Black Lotus‘ appearance, its powers and its creepy sentience. The moment in the allusion when it realizes that Kara knows everything is fake and tells her and Alex it’ll never let them go? No. Effing. Thank. You. 

Best Tear Jerker: 

So many moments it’s hard to choose

  1. Alex calling James and Winn family
  2. Hank trying to not lose his shite as not one but both of his ‘daughters’ end up fighting for their lives while he deals with an invasion.
  3. James begging Hank to let Alex save Kara
  4. Any scene with Alex in it.
  5. Astra. Just….Astra.

Biggest Douche Bag:

Usually Max has this in the bag but Non is in this episode and Chris Vance, who I adored on Rizzoli & Isles, is just so fanatical and smug that he wins hands down.

Funniest moment: 

Winn trying desperately to lie. He’s terrible at it which makes him keeping the whole ‘Toyman is my dad’ thing to himself even more remarkable.

Biggest surprise: 

Teenager Kal-El! I was not expecting that.

Best Holy Shite Moment:

Kara taking a page from Clark and going utterly apeshite on Non when she realizes he’s the one behind what’s happened.

This was a tight episode as we got some loose ends tied up, closure for Kara regarding both her families and at least two new cans of worms opened by the events of this episode:

  • Max knows that these people are family and will willingly die for each other and Max is the type of dickbag who will use that against all of them 
  • Non’s crazy ass has unleashed who knows what onto the planet in an effort to cleanse it. 


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