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Agent Carter S2 Premiere Review

Agent Carter is BACK!

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter ABC

Agent Carter is back and all is somewhat right with the world.

Dottie is masquerading as Peggy, and being awesome at it, with her own goon squad as backup. However, it’s a set up by Peggy and the SSR to catch her. It’s badass and we get our first kickass fight as Peggy and Dottie go at it, Peggy’s tendency to use whatever is nearby to beat people half to death comes in handy against Dottie’s Red Room, your body is a weapon training. Dottie’s obsessed with Peggy and a little in love and watching their tete in interrogation is a treat.

Sousa’s in LA and asked by Detective Henry to deal with the Lady of the Lake killer who left a beautiful woman in a lake, perfectly preserved in ice, despite it being a heat wave. Sousa calls Jack for back up, as he just opened the LA office and Jack, who knows that he got his position by taking credit for the work that Peggy and Sousa did, jumps at the chance to send Peggy there. When Peggy gets there our gang is completed when Peggy meets up with Jarvis and his delightful wife Ana in LA, where they’re setting up Howard’s LA estate.

Overall the episode hits all the right beats; highlighting Peggy’s wit, grace and brawler tendencies and Hayley Atwell is a wonder. James D’Arcy’s Jarvis is hilarious in his boredom since his and Peggy’s last adventure and Lotte Verbeek’s Ana combined with Reggie Austin’s Dr. Wilkes are fantastic, funny and clever additions. Bridget Regan’s return as Dottie is the smartest thing the show could have done as she’s the Doctor Doom to Peggy’s Reed Richards: two halves of the same badass coin.

Unfortunately Sousa and Jack come off as cowardly (at least emotionally) and bitter respectively, though Jack’s entanglement in the seeds of things to come looks like it’s going to make more of the hint of a well rounded character we got last year.

Without spoiling anything Marvel’s less savory tendencies come roaring back in full force towards the end of the premiere and it’s a gigantic waste that I hope isn’t all that it seems. The fact that it sets up at least two upcoming movies makes me a little less wary.

Overall it’s a fantastic premiere that, having watched it twice because the hubby hadn’t seen it, sets up not only a great season but the entirety of Phase 3 better in two episodes than Agents of Shield has in an entire half season.


I give the episode 4 out of 5 thigh holsters.

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