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SNL Shows Kylo Ren’s Tender Side as an “Undercover Boss”

If you can’t wait until May 2017 for the continuation of the new Star Wars trilogy, last night’s Saturday Night Live provided a bit of a reprieve. Host Adam Driver put on his Sith costume one more time to show what happens when Kylo Ren decides to inspect Starkiller Base as an “Undercover Boss.”

While we don’t learn any new info on what drove Ren to the Dark Side, we do learn that he’s at least a little more tolerant than Darth Vader. A little. Ren has lunch with the Stormtroopers, learns to install wiring, and even gives an apology card to an officer whose son he killed. Here’s hoping SNL can get John Boyega or Daisy Ridley to give us a few more Star Wars skits before the season ends.

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