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R2D2, my spirit animal

by Alley Shelley

Love, passion, obsession…. Yes. I have always loved this little Droid. He may only speak in beeps, but I get him. He was one of several Astromech droids made and was special enough to make his way through the galaxy helping out the republic, the rebels, the Jedi, and found his way into my heart. He makes me smile, laugh, blubber, and gosh darn it when I see him I make cute excited girlie noises. He is daring, intelligent, has great attitude for a Droid, and always there to save the day. R2, or Second Generation Robotic Droid Series-2, has been a where’s Waldo in movies like Star Trek, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and the Lego movie (to name a few). I enjoy spotting that lil droid in the different movies and it always puts a smile on my face.


r1Over the years I have collected a good amount of figures, art, clothing, and was even given an old Pepsi cooler (that I have recently turned into my Christmas Droid). I have had the same figurine on my dash ever since my ’91 Tercel, used to joke that he was my navigation system. That is one of my oldest R2D2 items from the 80’s. When I saw the R2 flash drive, that was a must have. Not only does it just look but it does what R2 does best, store important documents. One of my favorite newer additions to my collection is a vintage hand painted R2 lamp that a friend of mine gave to me. It fits in perfectly with all my living room Star Wars décor and other comic related art.


I have had a chance to see many of the life size models that are in the 501st. I have been able to get photos of the R2 over the years at the Mayor’s Parade in Baltimore, different Comic-Cons, and at the premier of The Force Awakens at the Senator Theatre. I must say I need to find a way to either make one or have one of the creations for an ultimate collector’s piece.

R2D2 seams to always be caring pieces of a message or map, but he also carries a piece of my heart. He is the comic relief to my life story

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