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Teachers – Pilot Review

Check out our early review of Teachers on TV Land!

Teachers TV Land

Starring the Katydids and produced by Alison Brie, we meet our teachers as they’re being told by Principal Pearson that they’re going to have to start an anti-bullying program. The ladies, this seems to be all female staff, take this with varying degrees of ‘eh’, with the exception of Ms. Adler, who thinks it’s a great idea. They all change their tune though when Pearson lets them know that participation in the anti-bullying program will be something looked at during budget cuts.

It’s through seeing how each of the ladies deals with the program that we meet our crew starting with the delightfully morose Ms. Watson, who is still reeling from her breakup and taking every opportunity to school her students on the fact that there are no happy endings.  

We move next to fashionista Ms. Snap, who has body issues up the wazoo; cray-cray Ms. Adler who is still carrying around her problems from high school and weaponizing them and hippie Ms. Cannon whose solution to gender pronouns is….not good.

The standouts here are Ms. Feldman, whose Phoebe likeness and facial expressions made me giggle like a loon (seriously, just watch her in the background of any scene. It’s amazing.) and the adorable Ms. Bennigan who, let’s just say, could hang with Ludacris easily.

The pilot made me laugh so hard it drew in the rest of the household and had all of us cracking up. If the show continues to be as good as this I think TV Land has a solid hit on its hands.
I give the pilot 5 out of 5 Bully Goats

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