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Galavant Season 2 Premiere Review

Galavant ABC

We begin with Galavant sporting some serious Errol Flynn…everything and about to give one of his infamous speeches on Peter’s ship but he’s interrupted by Richard, whom he’s become increasingly protective of and who is dealing with some serious seasickness, asking him to sing The Song to make him feel better.

Peter threatens to kill them both if they sing The Song one more time and instead we get Peter and the Pirates giving us a new song that checks us in with everyone and how their various captivities, rulerships and adjustments to living in Hortensia are going. It’s adorable and amazing and if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this and go watch it now.

Our gang is back and while the first episode does serve as table setting for the series as a whole it gives us more insight into Richard, which is always a good play, and does a delightful job of letting us know what’s going on with everyone. Whether this show survives to a third season will depend on how well they can continue to charm us with the cast’s phenomenal chemistry and the amazing songs, but also have actual plot momentum episode to episode. There are some very interesting threads seeded into the premiere: Richard’s entire subplot seems to be building to something very intriguing; Isabella’s arranged marriage is looming closer and closer and Galavant’s relationship with both of the aforementioned are the shows strongest points.

On the other hand we have the entire Valencia bits, which came across like treading water. Frankly, unless Madalena and Gareth grow personalities beyond schemer and thug respectively and Sid stops being wasted, period, but especially in his scenes with them; I don’t see how they’re necessary. Madalena’s plan to take over the other seven kingdoms will hopefully give these characters and their fantastic portrayers something to do.

Overall Galavant never failed to make me laugh out loud multiple times during premiere and again the songs for this show are amazing, so I’m all in.

I give the season premiere 3 out of 5 singing pirates.

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