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Manga Review: Bleach Ch. 656 “God of Thunder”

Writer/Artist: Tite Kubo

As “The Miracle” Gerard has unleashed his “Schriff”, Sternritter D, Askin Nakk Le Vaar remarks about the Schutzstaffel and begins his own battle.

The last time we saw Askin, he was being confronted by Ichigo and well, we find out how that fight went down in this chapter. This was a good chapter of “Bleach” with information about the Schutzstaffel members Pernida and Gerard as well as the rumors that circulated out of it because of their absurd power. Mostly rumors about Gerard and Pernida and how they relate to the “Soul King”. We don’t know much about Askin, but we get to see how he views things and how he sees people. His display of power is interesting since his fight against squad zero many chapters ago. His power “The Deathdealing” works by perfectly calculating the “absolute lethal dose” of any substance he consumes. The amount that will cause certain death without fail and raise or lower that value as he sees fit. To be more precise, he kills by causing a lethal dosage of the chosen element that he manipulates. He did seem goofy at first, but the guy is growing on me. The dialog is good and the characterization is well done. We do get some nice action scenes and some surprise appearances by some old characters. The story is very informing and wraps up nicely.

The art is great and the action that appears in the chapter is quick and destructive. Askin battle is is elegance versus raw power and it shows. His ability “Deathdealing” is quite impressive to see because of how he can manipulate the use of it and make his opponent fall into it. The environments and characters look top notch as well as the display of abilities.

Tite Kubo has done an amazing job on this arc. Honestly, this is one of my favorite arcs out of “Bleach”. The story is dialog heavy but gives you enough action to get your attention. The art has been great and the sharpness of the characters look amazing. I’m curious if Askin is going to reveal his power in full force next chapter.

4 Deathdealers out of 5

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