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The Asterisk War Episode 10

So we are headlong into Battle Festas and both our heroic teams of Ayato-Julis and Saya-Kirin are undefeated in their respective brackets. The teams have been really having fun since entering the tournament, between getting a chance to cheer each other on and sharing some crazy and perhaps a little ecchi moment together. This episode focuses on the introduction of the Urzaiz sisters Irene and Priscilla. Irene was originally introduced in the previous episode as a hired gun by the Student Council President of Le Wolfe academy. Her job is to take out Ayato by any means necessary. This episode allows us to see more of Irene’s character and the sister she wants to protect.

Irene is a very interesting character and to me the best part of this episode. She displayed many layers such as a devotion to her sister, a mean streak and even a sort of sadness in her fighting. Irene is one of those characters I wished they had introduced earlier in the series because she has a lot of story the writers could tell with her. Also this episode introduced an interesting concept involving the Ogre Lux. Since the start of the series the Ogre Lux have been known to be powerful weapons that might have sentience due to the fact they choose their wielder. In this episode we see that an Ogre Lux can physically change their wielder to suit its needs which adds to how dangerous these weapons truly are. Yet the government lets kids use them … Brilliant!

Unfortunately since the episode’s best moments featured Irene in them, the rest of it was dull and formulaic. We have the generic fan service moment that happens but battles are brief and forgettable just to move the plot along.  I would have loved to see more behind the scenes scheming that earlier episodes hinted to. Lastly Priscilla wasn’t fleshed out enough for my personal taste. Some of the moments showing our heroes in the episode could have been cut back to allow more time for character development for the Urzaiz sisters. The only character development we are given for Priscilla is that though younger she is clearly the more mature of the two. I would love to know more of their circumstances at Le Wolfe academy.

So all in all it was an ok episode. I want more of the Urzaiz sister and battles that are more drawn out.

So I give this episode 3 Ogre Lux out of 5.

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