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Review Brew: Symmetry #1

Writer- Matt Hawkins

Artist- Raffaele Ienco


Imagine yourself in a world, free of strife, sickness and hunger. Where individuality has been removed and emotions suppressed. A world of peace and balance, a perfect Utopia. Now imagine that same world all of a sudden come crashing down around you.  How would you react when everything you believed in was a lie? Welcome to the world of Symmetry.

Symmetry, a new work by Matt Hawkins and Raffaele Ienco brings us to a future where mankind has created a Utopian society. Thanks to the advancement of robotics, manual labor has become a relic of the past. Humans are now born and implanted with their own Responsive Artificial Intelligence Network Archetype or RAINA for short. RAINA teaches as well as connects everyone to a global network. The story unfolds through the narration of the protagonist Matthew. The first issue follows Matthew’s life from birth, through adolescence and burgeoning adulthood. Through his eyes we experience how life has been become in this new society and just as both Matthew and the reader become comfortable with how the world works an event happens that flips it all. Leading both the reader and Matthew to question where things go from here.

Matt Hawkins version of an A.I. driven world suppresses our curiosity and imagination. It’s truly a very interesting take, since we did this to ourselves for the sake of peace. Yet the revelation that all may not be as it seems in Utopia isn’t new but does compel the reader to find out so much more. Raffaele’s artwork is absolutely stunning, each page has this painted quality adding an extra charm to the story. The colors Raffaele uses are kind of dull which fits perfectly on the tone of the world itself.

I loved this first issue, from its opening action sequence through the revelation at the end, it kept me thoroughly engaged throughout the story. My one gripe has to be the tone at the beginning of the issue was wildly different from the rest of the book. I understand that the event at the start of the issue was used for foreshadowing but the tone of the rest of the book did not match at all. So it threw me off a little as I read the rest of the issue.

That being said this issue was outstanding and I look forward to the next issue.


4 RAINAs out of 5

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