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The Sartorial Geek: Watches for Geeks

nervThe linear movement of time moves ever forward onward to the future as we grow older and wiser with the passage of every second, minute, day, week, and year. On any given day, knowing the time is essential to completing any desired or necessary task(s) that need to be completed. Due to this many of us wear a watch to keep track of those fleeting moments that pass by each day. That very watch can be a great showcase for your fandom.

One of my favorite watches is one that is fashion after the NERV insignia from Evangelion Neon Genesis. Being one of my favorite animes of all time, I “geeked out” when I received it. It’s sleek minimalist black design allows it to seamlessly coordinate with casual wear and my business attire. Of course there are other watches out there that may tickle your fancy. Lets take a look at what the web has to offer.

51Bltm2mFAL_01_SL500_Traveling Through Time and Space.

One of the most infamous timepieces to grace the fandom landscape in the past few years was the Fob watch that was utilized by the 10th Doctor. This classic pocket watch design can compliment many styles of dress for both men and women.

The Force Gets Stronger with every Tick!

The licensing machine that is Lucasfilm has churned out countless and countless numbers of Star Wars inspired items and stylish watches are certainly part of the fold. There are watches that feature the heads of your favorite character to depicting your favorite scene(s) from the films to being in the shape of an tie fighter to well just about anything from the Star Wars franchise.

71fpqrzwGIL__UX466_Watch the Time and Roll Out.

Those of a certain age remember a childhood with G1 themed Transformer watches that actually transformed. Now with the proliferation of the Transformer franchise over the past decade the variation in watch themes is enormous. While the selection of options are plentiful, I have to stick with the classic Decepticon insignia watch face.

Make Mine Marvel!

There is a Marvel (and DC for that matter) licensed product for everything and watches are no different. Many of the best are simple in design, but offer a mighty punch when displaying your comic aptitude.

Hey Is that Flux Capacitor Running at  1.21 Gigawatts?

No discussion about time is complete without touching on Back To The Future. The iconic flux capacitor has adorned various types of merchandise over the years, and how appropriate is it that it is featured on a watch.

The linear movement of time moves ever forward onward to the future. We grow older and wiser with the passage of every second, minute, day, week, and year. Watching time go by can be a stylish and geeky endeavor all at the same time.


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