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One Punch-Man EP 6: “The Terrifying City review

The new episode of One Punch-Man is out and it’s just as funny as the last episode. Five days have passed since taking the Heroes exam and getting to the rank of C-class. Not knowing that a C-class hero must be active within one week or be removed from the Heroes Association registry, Saitama only has 24 hours to complete the task. Will he be able to complete the task? Also, Genos is staying at his house.

I loved this episode of One Punch-Man, it still packs a punch like the last episode. Genos who is now living with Saitama as his disciple is still asking about getting stronger. It’s pretty funny how Saitama still can’t answer his question about that at all, but at least he has some books laying around to save him in the nick of time. Speed of Sound Sonic makes his reappearance and challenges Saitama which shows the speed and power of Saitama. Saitama stops the encounter by threatening to punch Sonic. After a person calls him dangerous because of his running around town the day before, C-class hero Tank-Top Tiger steps in and since Saitama is new to being a hero, he doesn’t any respect. You have to watch the to see how it unfolds, it’s hilarious. Other heroes appear throughout the episode such as S-class heroes Watchdog-man voiced by Yuji Ueda and Tornado of Terror Tatsumaki voiced by Aoki Yuki, even a new monster appears. With the monster’s appearance, it allowed heroes Spring Mustachio and Golden Ball to show off their moves as well as its own. Even Genos receives a funny scene after Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio arrive in City Z.

The pacing was good allowing the plot to not overwhelm you with too much information. It’s impressive how much of the manga is being covered by the show. I do wish the fights were a bit longer but when Saitama is on the scene, the fight is over in a flash anyway. The voice actors have been doing a great job capturing the characters from Saitama’s lack of interest and calm demeanor, Sonic’s persistence to take on Saitama, and even Tatsumaki’s brash personality. The animation is still top notch in this episode as battles are explosive and fast and maintaining that quality throughout the episode. I also love how faithful the style is close to the revamped version of the original manga. I can’t wait for the next six episodes and I’m curious who the big bad will be for the last few episodes.

5 Speed of Sound Sonics out of 5

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