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Attack on Titan(Shingeki no Kyojin) chapter 75 review

Writer/Artist: Hajime Isayama

The Survey Corp reach and fix Wall Maria’s external gate by using Eren’s hardening ability. Before they could fix the internal gate, Reiner appears alongside the beast titan and an assortment of other titans. With no way to escape and retreat, the survey corp must find a way to survive the onslaught of titans.

This chapter was great, displaying the mind of Commander Erwin and the titans’ use of strategy to impede the survey corps movements. The other members of the survey corp do get some time to shine, even though they’re in a bad situation. You can feel the tension mount reading the chapter as preparations are put in place to begin their counter-offensive against the titan onslaught. Even designating a target only Levi can defeat, leaving two squads to protect their objectives. After Reiner’s near death, we get to know what he is thinking about everything that’s going on in the battle. It’s interesting to know what he’s thinking and the duel between commanders. Reiner does catch on to Erwin’s plan, but the end of the chapter leads to a fight between titans and the emergence of new weaponry. I’m curious at to what the new weapon will be used for.

The art is still good and hasn’t changed much from the last chapter. Characters are drawn with great skill and the use of shadows is greatly used. The titans still look weird and dangerous as they move around the battlefield. The way they are drawn when running and moving has a lot of expression to them. There was one two to three-meter titan running like Bono from “South Park”, that had me laughing.

This was a great chapter with strategies between two commanders and survival of the survey corp. The writing and art are top notch and continues to draw you in. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

5 Lightning Rods out of 5

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