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Con Talk: My Daughter’s First Comic Con

I had the privilege over the weekend of sharing one of my passions with my oldest daughter, Madison. We attended the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con. From the droves of convention goers, to the vendors of everything wonderful to the artists pouring out their hearts on paper for the crowds to the multitude of cosplayers, BCC was once again a wonderful experience.

Madison got into the cosplay spirit, going as the little girl Walker from the very first scene of The Walking Dead television series. It delivered on the creepy factor, however Madison could barely handle the latex smell.


We headed down to Baltimore with anticipation and enjoyed the Metro ride. Once within the Convention Center, Madison was blown away by how many cosplayers there were. We walked the floor, purchased some excellent keepsakes and she got to meet a few of the wonderful people that are my colleagues at Pop Culture Uncovered.

We attended a lively cosplay panel with Harry Cosland  and Ashley Mills as panelists and I received an awesome print from Harry.


We ate lunch as any rough and tumble convention goer would, sitting against the wall of the main hall floor! Madison was able to get a cool Pop Vinyl, necklace and graphic novel of her favorite character, Harley Quinn (and something for me!)


These are the moments that remain in the memories of our children when they are grown and I hope she has been set on the path of wonder, magic and dreams.


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