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Spartacon 2015

Spartacon was a two-day event held in Waldorf, MD from August 15-16, 2015

Attendees were able to check out panels, see some combat demonstrations with the DC Stunt Coaltion, play the Spartacus board game and of course meet some of the actors and actresses from the show.

(Thanks to Nadia Adona and Enelay Creative for this video)

CosLove, a local community service cosplay group, oversaw the cosplay panel as well as a cosplay contest, and a lot of the cosplayers and costumers were very impressive.

Here are some of the pictures below, click here to see more.

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Some of the vendors that came out included:

Kristen Secorsky, author of The Immortal Gladiator Series

Tessa Chandler, owner of Next Level Fine Crafts and Accessories

Rebecca Renner, owner of Valkyrie Leather Design

Eddie Gonzales, owner of Apothecary Spices

Merv Heiner and Dan Curry of  Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery

Matt Buonantuono of Viking Body Modifications, LLC

Danielle Lutz of Earthly Leather Design

Deanna Choinski of Archaic Leather

Michelle Antoni of Antoni’s Art Asylum

One of the highlights of the weekend was checking out a panel with Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare and Dan Feuerriegel.

All of the celebrities were friendly, laid back and everyone seemed pleased.

This was not only the 1st con of its kind in MD but in the US as well, something not lost on the hundreds that showed up.

Many of the guests we spoke to, liked the venue because it was easy to meet the celebrity guests but wished that there was more decoration to really give it that ’Spartacus feel’. One complaint was with the seating for guests in that many were forced to sit outside in the sun and that there wasn’t any shade and I hope that next year’s show will have ample seating inside for people trying to beat the heat.  Others were hoping for more vendors but many said that they found good prices on items such as helmets, belts and outfits.

Others wished that the venue was a bit closer to the DC metro area. Regardless, many said that the price was reasonable for what they were able to get.

Overall, for a 1st time con, I liked the setup. The volunteers were helpful, I really enjoyed watching the demonstrations, and sad that with everything going on, I didn’t have enough time to learn the board game.  I would really like to see how this will grow in the 2nd year.

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