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The Worst Comic Book Movies ever…according to Rotten Tomatoes

We all knew that Fantastic Four was going to be bad. We didn’t realize that it was going to be THIS bad. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it currently holds a 9% Rotten rating. What is a bit shocking about this is considering the huge surge of comic book movies in the past 15 or so years, no one thought it possible to have a flop this huge. Many can debate the idea of Fox Studios holding on to this Marvel license and purposefully destroying the value of this property rather than selling it back to Marvel. It’s just still mind-boggling that from the time this incarnation of F4 was conceived until its release, that no one consciously attempted to do a better job at trying to release a competent and credible Fantastic Four after four tries. if you are trying to hold on to a movie license, at least attempt to make it more valuable than it was when you bought it.

Unsurprisingly, however, this Fantastic Four film is not the worst comic book movie known to man. But it is the worst of the Fantastic Four movies ever made.

Below is a list of the worst comic book movies ever made according to Rotten Tomatoes. All of these movies scored below 15% and once you see what the worst one is, you can debate if it really deserves its rating.


The Spirit – 14%
Budget – $60m
Gross – $19m

Sam Jackson in full Nazi regalia was not the worst thing in this movie. The fact that Frank Miller tried to ape Sin City was. The characters were cardboard cutouts and the plot was hardly believable. Will Eisner’s spirit was probably screaming from his grave over this mess.

R.I.P.D. – 13%
Budget – $130m
Gross – $78m

R.I.P.D. was a really shameless Men in Black rip off. The only thing that could be said about this steaming heap is between this and Green Lantern, it almost killed Ryan Reynold’s career. He is 0 for 4 in comic book movies. With the Deadpool trailer being a hit, maybe he can get one back.

Steel – 12%
Budget – $16M
Gross – $1M

Hey, Superman was dead for a while in the comics but spawned some nifty characters. The Superman movies were in development hell, but Shaq has an “S” tattoo. Let’s put him in a movie since DC made this Steel character and see what happens. Does anyone know anyone who actually paid money to see this?

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace – 12%
Budget – $17M
Gross – $36M

Speaking of bad Superman movies, this was the end result of Warner Brothers allowing Golan-Globus’ Cannon films (they released such popcorn flicks as, Enter the Ninja, Death Wish II and Breakin’…yeah THOSE guys) throw a threadbare budget at one of the most iconic heroes to ever hit the screen. Superman IV had a horrible story, cheap special effects (anybody remember seeing the wires during the flying sequences?), and a forgettable villain. Oh!! And let’s not forget, Superman got a new power: telekinesis. This movie was nearly the death of the Superman movie franchises. Surprisingly this and the next pick actually made a profit.

Batman and Robin – 11%
Budget – $140M
Gross – $238M

Where should we start? The nipples on the Batsuit. Nooooo… Ahhhhnuuuuld as Mr. Freeze and his cheesy lines…”Tonight Hell freezes ooovaaaahhh.” or “Let’s kick some Ice!” noooo. Was it Bane as a silent henchman? Maybe it was the campiness of this film in comparison to 1989’s gritty effort? Or maybe in the effort to make Batman more family friendly, Joel Schumacher and Warner Brothers produced a turd. Hard to believe that Batman Forever actually did better at 41%.

Elektra – 10%
Budget – $43M
Gross – $57M

Some of us were hoping that what Jennifer Garner brought to Alias would have transferred over to Elektra but it didn’t happen. It probably didn’t help that Daredevil wasn’t all that great either (but still holds at 45% on Rotten Tomatoes by the way).  Elektra’s failure was, as a movie, it felt like a story full of bad ideas thrown together. Isn’t it amazing that after some of the bombs that he has written that Zak Penn (with Joss Whedon’s help) did a decent job with The Avengers?

Catwoman – 9%
Budget – $100M
Gross – $81M

So now we have reached the movie that has scored as bad as Fantastic Four. This movie had nothing to do with the Catwoman in the DC universe. The plot was beyond laughable. If there was a movie that killed Sharon Stones’ career (and nearly Halle Berry’s ) this was it…or maybe it was Basic Instinct 2.

And the comic book movie that rated worse than Fantastic Four is…









Supergirl – 7%
Budget – $35M
Gross – $14M

Welcome to the bottom of the barrel. This is the movie that, as of now is the worst comic book movie of all time. Fact: Demi Moore and Brooke Shields tested for this role. Another fact: this was yet another flop by Warner Brothers which was farmed out to TriStar Pictures. This movie suffered many of the same issues that Superman IV did: a lackluster story, poor special effects and a bad villain. To sum it up, it was another bad cash in on the Superman license. Let’s hope the TV show coming this year, with Helen Slater playing a supporting role, does better.

This list shows that among the movies scored, a majority of the movies that made this list are DC properties. Are there any other movies that you felt should be here? Check Rotten Tomatoes’ scores and see why it may not have made it. Movies like The Phantom and The Shadow actually scored relatively high in comparison. Judge Dredd, just needed -5% points to make the list. Tank Girl, by the numbers, was a superior film to Judge Dredd, Ice T as a kangaroo hybrid notwithstanding. Spawn was close at 18% and The Crow: City of Angels should have made the list but with Steel and Superman IV being tied,  beat this one out. And yes, somehow both Ghost Rider movies, by the numbers, were better than Fantastic Four.

Share your thoughts below about some of the movies on the list.

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