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TV Talk: Can’t Miss the Return of These TV Shows


It’s almost time for pumpkin-flavored everything and, with that, comes the return of all those shows we were hooked on last fall.  You know, the ones with the cliff hanger season finale that left you wondering what madness is up ahead.  Oh the humanity!  Below, I’ve listed my picks of the top shows that I am dying to see come back.

So let’s just dive right in shall we?

Top of my list: Supernatural

If you haven’t finished the last season, spoiler alert ahead, we left our guys engulfed by darkness after removing the mark, Castiel and Crowley are fighting seemingly to the death, and Death is dead?  Possibly, maybe.  So much happened at the end of Season 10, and this is a long-running show.  I am antsy to see where the writers take Dean, Sam, Castiel and, yes, Crowley in season 11.  I hope to receive some answers to my millions of questions in the first episode.  Is Death dead, or is Dean the keeper of Death now?  If Dean is Death can he bring back Charlie?  Did they survive the Darkness?  Is Cass going to kill Crowley or vice versa?  Is that the last we see of Rowena?  So much action is usually packed into every season, so I need to know how they plan to keep Supernatural fans hooked.

Supernatural returns: Oct, 7 at 9PM

Number 2: Marvel Agents of Shield

This show has progressively gotten so much better from season one, and I can’t wait to see how far it goes. It’s like a mini marvel movie every episode! And, like a Marvel movie, there are some things I need answered.  Are we going to see more Kree?  What other Inhumans may show up?  What will happen to our favorite characters whose stories are changing in a big way?  Whats up with Ward and Hydra?  And the big question: how will Agents of Shield tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with so many Marvel movies releasing this year and next?  The tie-ins between movies and the show is always fun, so I am totally excited to see how everything comes together in Season 3.

Marvel Agents of Shield returns: Sept 29, at 9PM

Number 3: Once Upon a Time

I am a complete Once Upon a Time fan.  Last season’s finale had me going “what the frak? Emma’s name on Rumple’s dagger!”  The entirety of last season was basically “Stop the villains and keep Emma’s darkness at bay,” along with Maleficent’s daughter arc which seems to tie into Emma’s destiny and the two balance each other out in a weird magical way.  With all the previews of the Dark Swan, I am highly interested in how the next season will be.  Will the heroes be fighting Emma or some other force?  Will Emma be in control of her new powers?  All the hints on the Internet of what new characters may show up in Storybrooke has me setting my DVR already.  I am also there for the amazing costumes designs. It’s a newbie cosplayers dream!

Once Upon A Time returns: Sept 27, at 8PM

Number 4: The Originals

I was kind of ambivalent about this CW spin off when it started, but it quickly picks up and pulls you in.  I find The Originals’ story and cast better than the show it spun off from.  With each season, it gets bigger and better and has this ability to make you love and hate Klaus and his family, which is so complicated that it makes other dysfunctional families look normal.  I am looking forward to see how Baby Hope and her child magic is added to the story.   Since her mother is now a wolf most of the time, what happens with Hayley’s story line?  Elijah nobly goes back to help Klaus look after Hope on Hayley’s request, and Davina is in charge, which we know won’t be good for any Vamp in the Bayou.  So, all and all, I want to see how they start of season 3.

The Originals returns: Oct 8, at 9PM

Number 5: Gotham

Okay, hear me out.  I know last season was kinda shocking, and had its mini gem moments sprinkled sparingly throughout the season.  But my deep hope as a Batman fan is that they can’t make it any worse.  Like, literally, it should be only up from here, right?  I hope so.  The end of last season seemed very rushed and I was confounded by the direction.  So I hope the show runners and writers tweaked things over the break.  How do you fill the void left by Mooney, who isn’t coming back?  How do you continue the development of our most beloved characters from their fresh beginnings to the tried and true symbols of Gotham’s Justice and Chaos that we love?  I am gonna hang in there for season two and see what happens.  Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

Gotham returns: Sept 21, at 8PM

Honorable mentions: Big Bang Theory, The Flash, and Arrow.

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