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The Friday Geek Father’s Day Editon- 6/19/15

...because Mondays can kick rocks

It’s the Friday before Father’s Day so if you aren’t caught up yet, let’s give you some ideas of what to do or get your pop for Sunday and it’s not this:


Sorry, there is nothing with big explosions, transforming robots, killer dinos or superheroes this week. The big release this weekend will be more geared for the little ones or the big ones will light hearts. Check out Inside Out coming to a theater near you this weekend.

Graphic Novels

Got a pop who loves comics?   Are you a pop that’s looking to suggest some comics for loved ones to pick up? Here are 3 suggestions of new releases to grab for dad that he should enjoy.

Click on each picture to learn more

Well look…it’s BATMAN…what father doesn’t want to BE BATMAN??

A good tale of a man by the name of Jack Knight who inherits the names and powers of his father and brother.  he reluctantly takes on this role in this extraordinary book…especially since he picks up an enemy psycho chick.

A touching tale of a man and his adopted ward…on the run from psycho mutants!!!

A great movie about a creation with father abandonment issues and if your saw it and want to see the art…give this a shot!!!

Blu ray

What do you do when you find out your dad was a secret agent?  You take up the mantle of course!!!  Still mad that Sam Jackson’s character had a lisp in this movie!

In this truly deep and immersive RPG, we find out the Geralt has a heart after all.  While there are tons of side missions you can do in this game, the main quest is for Geralt to find his adopted daughter before The Wild Hunt does.

Yeah yeah I know…it drops on Tuesday but…dammit!!!


If none of this works, always remember to get pop a beer and something naked.

Aight, people keep fighting the good fight and keep away from Mondays!!!


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