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Our Most Anticipated Games Announced at E3 2015

As the E3 hype machine winds down, the PCU crew wanted to look back at some of the games that stood out at the E3.   Some were no brainers and sequels, some were unconventional indie titles and some just don’t have a category to put them in short of a gamer’s must have.   Read on as we give our personal picks.


Star Wars Battlefront (EA Games, Release date 11/17/15)

I am almost as shocked as most of you to realize we have gone 10 years and an entire console generation without this game.  Worse is that there are still very few well made Star Wars games on the market.  After finally seeing the trailer and learning that this may be the game that i wanted Battlefield 3 to be, I am on board and the trailer…MY GAWD the trailer!  This game is a no-brainer for Star Wars Fans!!!

Cuphead (Studio MDHR, Release Date 2016)

One more game I want to shout out is Cuphead.  it’s one of those rare indie games that caught my attention.  This looks like the game that Epic Mickey (the Mickey Mouse game) should have been years ago.  it’s a great way for those of us who loved the cartoons from the 1930’s and 40s could have a chance to play a game done in that art style. From what I read don’t let the cuteness fool you as it’s not an easy game.  If you missed it, check out the trailer here.


Hey guys Ben here. The first game I want to focus on is one that was teased in the Microsoft Press Conference and there are 2 more that have become clear to me from the indiecade this year.

Beyond Eyes (Tiger and Squid,  Release date TBA 2015 )

In a showing that, for me, pretty much stole the microsoft press conference when it came to games, Tiger & Squid revealed this beautiful haunting and original game, where you play as a young blind girl who leaves her home for the first time and moves into an unfamiliar world, a world that is painted around her as she associates sounds with things she knows, only to have that thought pulled away from her when she gets closer. An example the Devs gave was running water she associates with a shower turns out when she gets nearer adn can use her sense of smell to be sewage. The game is beautiful, the music is beautiful and the subject matter is amazing all of which hopefully will produce a memorable, unique game.

Chambara (Ok Games!, Release date TBA 2015 )

Starkly contrasting visuals, intense stealth sword fighting action, strong smooth combat, the trailer speaks for itself check it out. (the first few levels are available online to download)

Tribal and Error (Grotman, Release date  TBA 2016))

This game speaks to me on so many levels, a unique concept (you play a tape recorder robot sent back in time to learn the language of the cavemen.) amazing puzzle elements (you have to figure out the meanings to the pictograms) intuitive solutions (you then have to use those pictograms to instruct people in how to solve problems) and a beloved isometric view point and loveable artstyle. all developed by a small group of people all of whom truly love what they are doing. the game speaks to the point and click game fan in me, and with it being built in an engine that makes the game understand your meanings, no matter what language you are typing in (but it does have to be a language, so no gibberish) it all works brilliantly to combine a very intriguing game

Fallout  4 (Bethesda games, Release Date 11/10/15)

My eagerly awaited game from E3 is FALLOUT 4.  I’ve been a fan of the series from the beginning, having played the original Interplay games.  When the franchise got taken over by Bethesda, I got to love it all over again.  They’ve been hinting at FALLOUT 4 for the last couple of years and having seen the Bethesda presentation, I’m glad that they’ve taken the time to improve the experience even more.  I have the feeling that it is going to look great on the current-gen consoles.


Rise of the Tomb Raider (Square Enix, Release Date 11/10/15 *Xbox One Exclusive)

The game I most anticipated that was announced at E3 was Rise of the Tomb Raider.   Tomb Raider has come a long way.  After reviewing the behind the scenes footage and the trailer, I got excited.  New locations and awesome graphics have me intrigued.  The fact that the creators are making Lara more human, makes the game even more exciting.  They are taking their time to perfect it.  Stealth and sneak modes will be introduced in the game as well.  Now, I can sneak up on the enemy and take them down.  I love it!!!


Kingdom Hearts III (Square Enix, Release Date TBA)

My most anticipated game coming out of E3 is Kingdom Hearts III. While it’s not a new franchise by any stretch now, it’s hard to not be soothed by the continuing fusion of Disney and Final Fantasy which fits together in a weird but perfect way. That and to (finally!) get resolution to the Xehonart Saga that’s driven the series since the beginning. The gameplay looks fantastic as per usual, the tendency to go bigger and badder with Kingdom Hearts looks to all be there with this new iteration. I’m getting the game on Playstation 4 myself, and I look forward to wailing on Heartless as one tends to do with a Keyblade. See y’all soon.


So these are the games that we are most excited for  that were announced this week, what are yours?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.


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