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Review Brew: Metaphase

Author: Chip Reece

Art: Kelly Williams

Lettering: Peter Simeti

Alterna Comics is an interesting independent comic/graphic novel company that really puts out some quality material including The Chair, Complex and FUBAR. This week I took a look at Alterna’s latest kickstarter, Metaphase.

The Sentinel is the world’s greatest superhero, with powers similar to a certain Kryptonian we all know and love. Our story begins with the happy event of the birth of our heroes’ child. Ollie is born with Down syndrome and as a result, has a number of heart defects. He goes through multiple surgeries as he grows but he dreams of being a superhero like his father. His dad tells him that he will not have powers like him, which Ollie believes is because of his Down Syndrome. But before they can discuss this further, The Sentinel is called away to protect the city from a new gigantic villain, Humanicide. Before he can defeat him, Humanicide wrecks havoc on the city. The press lambastes The Sentinel for his inability to protect the city property. Meanwhile, Ollie sees a commercial on television for a new company, Metamakers, which promises to provide superpowers to the average person. It is a temptation that he can’t resist. Can this company provide to Ollie the powers he has wanted for so long or will this be just another disappointment?

Chip Reece writes this origin story from experience, as his own son Ollie was born with Down syndrome. Metaphase is a great example of how anyone can rise to the challenge of life and not allow disabilities to define them. And while certain aspects of the storyline could be tighter, I applaud the overall narrative as being both touching and action packed. Kelly Williams’ art work is excellent, pulling from his horror genre background to produce truly maniacal power from the villains but reverts to a softer touch when dealing with Ollie and his wish to be super.

4  Superpowers out of 5

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