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It’s always Raw…the day after 6/15/15

Hello PCU Maniacs!!!

It’s time for another edition of Five Points. This will be on the June 15, 2015 of Raw.

Ben. your regular “Point Man” is busy doing tons of E3 coverage. So he once again asked Mansa Herndon his PPV Postmortem partner and 1/3 of the MBM Wrestling stable to deliver his Five Points. If you want to hear Ben this week please check out his E3 coverage on the Declassified Podcast here on PCU. He will be teaming with guest to cover all the press conferences as well as his take on the latest games.

Alright Maniacs let’s get right to the action:

1 A Dream Remembered: As we all know, the world lost Dusty Rhodes last week. So Raw opened its show with the ten bell salute from the Money in the Bank PPV. At the PPV they played his “American Dream” theme song after the salute, but on Raw it went directly to a 5 minute tribute to the Dream. Also throughout the night more tribute videos were shown.  He was such an amazing man on and off the screen. R.I.P Dusty we love you and you are truly missed.

2 The Champ Stands Alone: For those who didn’t know, Seth Rollins retained his title at M.I.T.B. and he managed the win without the Authority’s help. After thanking the ones who got him to the top (himself of course) he then gets attacked by a hurt Dean Ambrose and again no one helps him.  Then backstage J&J Security reminds Seth that he is vulnerable and that it’s not if but when he will lose the belt. Then later in the night, Kane reminds him a true champ is a fighting champ, and winning one match means nothing. Not to mention the Authority chooses….oops getting ahead of myself.

3 Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect: I love Kevin Owens. the WWE bully and that he is working matches with people that make him look soooooo good. Like tonight Kevin issues an open challenge leading to the ‘Show Off’ Dolgh Ziggler taking him on in a non title match. Dolph and Kevin and put on an amazing match even for a Raw with Kev picking up the win. But Kevin wasn’t finished for the night, MGK returns to WWE programming to do a performance. Well Afterward Kevin then Powerbombs MGK off the Stage. Making a bold statement to Cena and anyone associated with him.

4 Happy Father’s Day: Ok Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt, I got to admit I don’t care…well I didn’t. What changed my mind for this feud was Bray telling Roman that we shouldn’t fight so close to Fathers Day and pulls out a picture of Roman and his daughter and sings creepily “I’m a little tea pot..”. Then he exclaims “we are just getting started”.  This could be a very interesting feud and have Bray Wyatt becoming the monster he was suppose to be. If all of this is done well that is.

5. Heeee’s Baaaaack: As I was saying earlier poor Seth Rollins. His boys J&J are done with him. The Director of Operations Kane is done with him. Now it seems that Mommy and Daddy, the Authority may be done with him as well. Because they named his next opponent for the WWE Championship and it is BROCK LESNER. Yes the Beast is back and Seth looked like he (redacted) a brick. Well Seth, moral of this story don’t alienate yourself from the Authority because stuff like this happens!!!!

Not a point but a mention. Dean Ambrose has been amazing on WWE programming. He had a great showing at the PPV’s and then puts on incredible segments on Raw. That moment near the end of Raw where he talks with Kane stands out because we see how truly passionate he is about the sport. When he looks at Kane and says “This is just a job for you but this is my life.” “I had a taste of the belt and I won’t stop till I get it again”. Then asks Kane “what do you live for?” made me sit back and say Yeah, The man is brilliant. Sorry I had to throw that out there.

So my 3 Stars of the night:

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens

And that’s it for me Maniacs, due to E3 there was no PPV Postmortem but you can still check me out as one of Ben’s guest on one of his special E3 Declassified Podcasts, in ours we talked about the EA, Bethesda, and Microsoft press conferences. Also you can follow Ben, myself and our colleague Mike Lindenbaum the MBM Wrestling team on Facebook at, on Twitter @mbm_wrestling or email us at

Till next PCU Universe!

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  1. Dean Ambrose really has been incredibly. To paraphrase J&J, it’s not IF he’ll win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, but when.


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