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Some Awesome Con Fan feedback

So, we asked a few fans in the Awesome Con Facebook group for their wish list and ideas for improvement for next year’s show and here is what we got:

Star Wars and more Harry Potter stuff! – Jennifer R.

Please grant easier access into the Vendors Hall and Large Panel Hall. (Aitch agrees…if the show was reversed to allow admission from Hall A it would have been easier to get in and out by the front door)

Also, since there was so much extra Room, which I Loved, why not have a few areas with special Themed backdrops for photos.(Forest area, City area, Space area, and Castle area ??) – Liam S.

More comic guests! Like current big names. Chip Zdarsky stopped by for an hour, sponsored by one of the vendors. – Tia V.

More people who are currently playing on shows. Don’t get me wrong I loved meeting Alex, Arthur, etc. But getting other current shows with current stars if they can like Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, a Doctor or two…etc.  My husband and I talked about the huge improvements from last year and we were saying the only way for them to get “bigger” is to get more current people… maybe Stan Lee. – Stephanie N.

Bill Nye or Neil DeGrasse Tyson PLEASE!!!  – Candace W.

More exclusive Pop Vinyl vendors !!!!! – Vinh L.

I definitely liked that it seemed there was more room this year. Having the Star Wars all in one corner was also great. One thing that would be nice was the mentioned themed backdrop for photos. Another addition, as it seems it is a popular costume, is have all the Jedi/Sith gather. Everyone loves a saber fight but maybe have someone that can choreograph it as a show. – Joe M.

More consistency and common sense in the weapons check – I saw a little girl have her tiny toy bow disallowed due to having a little string tension (enough to keep the bow bent, basically), while there were many people walking around with fully strung full size bows. It was sad to see a little girl in tears over this when it was obvious that a) she was not a risk to anyone, and b) many (theoretically) much more dangerous bows were let in. I’m not suggesting that the rules should be stricter, but applied consistently and reasonably. – Jay M.

Would love to see some Firefly guests next year! Also, don’t make people walk through the entire convention center to re-enter the exhibit hall. If you have a pass, you should be able to go back onto the floor at any opening. – Kara P.

Please get Benedict Cumberbatch… – Kristin H.

Any possibility of getting Idris Elba? – Gina C.

Please send Jason Momoa to me now!!!  – Chris T.

I would love to see Wonder Women in a cosplay shoot with Lynda Carter -Tracey D

We would really like to see Karl Urban and Michael Ealy! ALMOST HUMAN FOREVER!!! – Pete R

Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Agents of SHIELD, and how about some of the other TV shows? Grimm, Gotham, Arrow, Flash. What about going a little further afield and looking at other pop culture-type shows for guests, like the CSI shows, etc? They aren’t sci fi, but might pull in some big names that aren’t covered at other cons and also attract more folks who are currently only associated with sci fi. Also, please, more trash cans. There seemed to tons of recycle bins, but not always bins for actual food trash.

A lot more signage would be great! After a half day, we figured out where everything was, but at first it was quite confusing.

The badge checks seemed really ineffective. First, if we have badges already, let us walk right in…not have to go through a long process to just walk in with everyone else. Second, quite often the number of folks passing through an entry was large enough that there was no way they could have been checking badges on everyone.

Love, love, love your volunteers, but many of them would respond to our questions with “well, I think you can do that” or “hmm, not really sure where that is or what you need to do.” So it was a little cloudy with directions, but wow, they were all super nice and were working hard!!! Hey, by the way, the number of bathrooms for the number of women in attendance was great! Never had to wait in a line!!! Love you guys!!! – Betsy F.

Chadwick Boseman, the future movie Black Panther. He even went to Howard so he’s got a local connection. And anyone from the TV show Fringe – Brick. J.

Please have more mainstream comic book writers and artists and tee shirt vendors who sell kid sizes. – Kevin G.

Maybe the cast from new and upcoming shows like iZombie? Maybe some of the previous cast members from Star Wars? Can you bring Comic Book Men, John Rhys-Davies and Sean Astin back again?

Maybe charging stations so you can charge your cell phones? Maybe cell phone signal repeaters so folks can get a better signal? There’s always so much going on and text messages are a great way to try to coordinate with other folks you’re trying to meet up with.

Also, I’d really love to see the cast from Penny Dreadful too!!

Is it possible to put ATMS near where the photo ops/autographs are?

Loved being able to pre-purchase my photo ops. Can we do the same with the autographs?

Can VIPs have the same privilege of being fast tracked for autographs like they do for photo ops?

OH! And if we could buy our VIP passes for the following year at the Con….I would have done so while I was there.

Just my observations. I had a wonderful time this year. Things ran so much smoother than last year!  – Heather W.

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4 Comments on Some Awesome Con Fan feedback

  1. It would have been nicer if the photo ops and autographs weren’t cash only. Especially since I hate using random ATMs. Also, if you were waiting on line to get an autograph and the guest took a break, everyone in line was S.O.L. It would have been cool to get a chit to let you back in the beginning of the line for when the guest returned. Lastly, get an MC for the costume contest that actually knows something about comics/sci-Fi/fantasy. When he didn’t “get” a costume, he ended up trying to do a joke or outright offending the contestants with his “humor”. Oh and announcing the costume contests over the loudspeaker in the vendor hall would be helpful…I get that loss of time when I’m at a con.

    The volunteers were AMAZING! They were so nice and had great energy! The Star Wars tables all being together was PERFECT! And all the space…LOVED IT! Never felt claustrophobic.


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