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Review Brew: Fight Club 2 #1

Writer- Chuck Palahniuk

Artist- Cameron Stewart



Chuck Palahniuk, author of the cult classic 1996 novel Fight Club, which itself spawned an even bigger cult classic film in 1999, has taken on a most dubious task. That task is writing a sequel to such a beloved property. A sequel to a story that in any form, whether page or screen, doesn’t scream sequel. Oh, and he’s doing it in a different medium altogether this time, comic books. Yes, in a twist that seems straight from a page of the Project Mayhem playbook, Tyler Durden now works to subvert your hard earned money away from the fat cats at Marvel and DC.

Sebastian is the name that our formerly nameless narrator is going by now, over ten years after the end of the original story. Tyler Durden, his split personality has been gone, and all of the anti establishment lessons and sense of individuality that Sebastian learned from him are gone too. Drowning in pills to keep his other half at bay, life is tiresome. His marriage to Marla, based heavily on her feelings for Tyler is dying on the vine, and their son is starting to show his father’s dark tendencies, particularly with an interest in chemistry. Sebastian does his best to ignore the signs that his followers are still out and about, even as he repeatedly runs into “Space Monkeys” all around town, and strange graffiti exclaiming “Tyler Durden Lives”.  At issues end as Sebastian visits his shrink, we get a fuller picture of what has truly been going on for the last decade, and a nice set up for issue 2.

Palahniuk succeeds in this first issue of pulling the reader back into Sebastian’s world and making us interested. Particularly by seeing these characters ten years on, still relatively unchanged, despite all of the awakenings in the original story. Cameron Stewart’s art is the perfect complement, and he riddles  his panel work with images of pills and roses at different points of the book, going as far as covering actual scenes and dialogue. This effect works well, especially considering the unbalanced mental state of the main character, and the sense of chaos that Fight Club is synonymous with. Even if you are the most die-hard anti sequel person out there, give this team a shot, they may or may not stick the landing, but the first few steps are certainly on track.

Oh, and don’t forget to take the Space Monkey questionnaire on the first page, you may even learn something about yourself!


4 Warm Uzis of 5


Reviewed By- John Amenta


Advance copy supplied by Dark Horse for review, Fight Club 2 #1 is on sale May 27th

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