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Mad Max game coming in September


Is this the magnum opus post-apocalyptic fantasy we have been dreaming of, or just a pretty vertical slice of a game that has been in development limbo for far too long. The Mad Max gameplay trailer shows a lot of promise with great graphics, impressive car physics, and blood curdling violence. In looking at the trailer I had questions like “will this be this year’s Shadow of Mordor”? Time will only tell.


Now with all the impressive aspects of the trailer a few negative things did catch my eye: the environments are very much like Mad Max the movie, but will the sprawling desert background get boring? How are the shooting mechanics as well as the fighting system? Is it much like WB’s Shadow of Mordor or is it some new hybrid? Lastly, no Tom Hardy model in the game? Come on, he can’t be that busy.

Overall I am very impressed with what I have seen but here’s to keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it doesn’t disappoint. Tell us in the comments below if you are you excited for Max, are you on the fence about the game, and has this trailer piqued any interest in this new IP.

The release date is scheduled for September 1st 2015 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC only.


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