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Advanced Review Brew to YOU: Unity #18

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Pere Perez

Colors: Andrew Dalhouse

Reviewer: Ray Willis

Things get H.A.R.D. for the Unity team as they try to apprehend the fugitive, Malgam.

The last few issues have given us more personal stories from each team member.  In this issue, however, the team is brought together to stop Malgam after he escapes.  Throwing a wrench into their efforts is Charlie Palmer from H.A.R.D. Corps, who is there to make sure the team follows the rules of engagement on behalf of the U.N.  It’s apparent that the battle against “The United” has left a mark on each team member.

Matt Kindt has come a long way writing this team.  He deftly shows that, even though they’re a very efficient team, they can be overworked. The story is simple and gets right to the point: this single threat may be out of their league. The team and Palmer are written well and I really do miss H.A.R.D. Corps. “Project Rising Spirit” isn’t the best operation, but I enjoyed some of the members of the team. Malgam has changed a bit after his escape, and his motivations seem to be very linear, but after the “Armor Hunters” storyline, he finds what he is looking for in the end. The issue is resolved nicely and a new threat arises, checking any chance for the team to get some time off.

The artwork from Pere Perez has been good, especially the way he draws the characters. The action sequences between Malgam, Unity, and Palmer are amazing. The characters all get a chance to show off their moves, but a hard punch from Livewire really looked like it had to hurt. I did have one issue with the prominence of Livewire’s brow in one panel, but it was minor. Perez’s art allows the scenes to flow together and matches Matt Kindt’s writing.  Andrew Dalhouse’s colors work well with Pere Perez’s work.

This was a good and simple story that brings the team together to fight a very powerful foe. The story flows nicely and the characters’ interactions were really interesting. Pere Perez has been killing it on the art and the action flows effortlessly. Andrew Dalhouse brings a nice palette of colors to the issue. Overall, this was a good issue which ends with a new threat and a new storyline on the horizon.

4 out of 5 Charlie Palmer’s.



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