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Review Brew: Unity #17

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Pere Perez
Colors: Brian Reber
Reviewer: Ray Willis

Personal Entry

After the battle against the United, we’ve been getting more personal stories of each of the members with this story focusing on the team leader of Unity, Livewire.

Matt Kindt has been great on delivering each story that has taken place after the fallout from the fight. Kindt really shows us the current life of Livewire and past influences from Toyo Harada about falling down and getting back up and how to savor the unknown; when you can literally get look up someone’s information in the blink of the eye. Livewire isn’t an offensive type of characters but one who prefers to work more with things she can control. Livewire shows that being a superhero is easy but actually living as a regular person is hard. Also some of the fallout from the United attack even follows her to an adoption agency she helped expand but is asked to leave from moments later. The dialogue in this issue is good,  focusing on the inner monologue of this character and her interactions with the people around her. Having a date is pretty hard for her since she can figure out pretty much anything she wants except from a guy like Ninjak who has a very secret past.

The art by Pere Perez is great and shows great visual cues from Livewire. Seeing her transform her suit into a way for her to fly was cool to see. Also seeing her take down guys who were doing a heist in just mere moments was great. The other characters looks were great as well and the colors from Brian Reber really fleshed out the issue. I really have nothing bad to say about the art or colors.

To summarize, this issue of Unity was really great focusing on the character Livewire and her being a superhero with having a hard time being a regular person because of her powers. The interactions between past and present people has changed her especially with the fallout from the United that has affected her personal life. Matt Kindt does a great job at delivering a great story personal story of her trying to cope with having a normal life. The art from Pere Perez is really great with some great scenes of Livewire adapting her suit and taking down bad guys with ease. The colors from Brian Reber has been great in each issue. Livewire has had a tough time to find love but things are going to get H.A.R.D. for her and the team.

5 out of 5 Livewires

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