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Review Brew: Convergence – Suicide Squad #1 of 2

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Tom Mandrake
Colors: Sian Mandrake
Reviewer: Ray Willis

Kingdom Come

Convergence is happening and we are bombarded with multiple worlds competing in a giant tournament of sorts.  While the main story from issue 1 focused on the Earth-2 characters dealing with Telos, we are giving the treat of pre-Flashpoint Earth with the Suicide Squad.

I really loved the Suicide Squad from the early incarnations and the team of the new 52 before Deathstroke, Black Manta, and Reverse Flash joined the team. Frank Tieri does a good job of establishing what’s going on in this story. The story is simple with the Kingdom Come reality in close proximity, Amanda Waller is tasked with assembling a team to deal with Alan Scott and his hovering fortress called “New Oa”. Also Deadshot and Captain Boomerang having a business of taking out non powered heroes was an interesting thing to know. It really feels like a Suicide Squad story with a huge mystery literally beginning at the start of the issue with Amanda Waller laying defeated on the ground and an unknown antagonist about to shoot. The dialogue between the characters are really good and the introduction of those that join the team also works very well. This version of the squad has some nice additions to the standard roster. It’s a really good set up to what’s to come in the next issue which is a bummer since it has to wrap up literally in the next issue. There is a big reveal at the end that I won’t spoil but it will have a big effect next issue.

The art from Tom Mandrake is really good and his pencil work really is great. The characters look great and the scenes are great with Kingdom Come and Suicide Squad members. Sian Mandrake does a great job on the colors for this issue and it really meshed well together with Tom Mandrake art.  The art and colors work nicely together to give an almost pulp look to it which really stood out to me and the reveal at the end was surprising.

I really found this issue to be an interesting take on the Suicide Squad having them go against on of the most powerful heroes of Kingdom Come and make a siege on his fortress to take him down. With the new additions to the team it should be fun seeing them work or don’t work together. The dialogue works well and gives us a reason to wonder  why some of the others are back with Waller and what they were doing while the dome was active.

5 out of 5 Amanda Wallers

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