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Review Brew: Re-Animator #1

Writer: Keith Davidsen
Artist: Randy Valiente
Color Artist: Jorge Sutil
Reviewer: Ray Willis

“I have never created life, only repurposed it”

Herbert West returns with his mad scientific skills with a little help in this first issue from Dynamite.

The story has medical student Susan Greene, who is bored with her mundane days of being a medical student. She starts getting into dealing and it goes south for her but the timely arrival of Herbert West makes his grand interest. The writing from Keith Davidsen is good introducing us to an old horror character and the implications of H.P. Lovecraft with the Cthulhu cult. The characters are good but Herbert West is full of life compared to the other characters. We do get some info from West to what has happened to him which is very interesting and learn more about his meeting with Susan Greene.

The art is well done but Herbert West looks like he did back in the day which is interesting. The art of the other characters look good as well and the scenes flow very well together. The Valusion who is West’s handyman is nice but he looks like a big mummy. The colors from Jorge Sutil is really nice with some dark tones in the issue. The colors bring it together.

I liked this issue and it sets up more than meets the eye between West and Greene. We may get to know why West has an interest in this character and why this cult needs West in the long run. The writing of West was good and Greene was nice. Susan Greene is a very good character that can hold her own against some drug dealers. The art and colors work great together in this macabre issue dealing with more than just a cult.

4 Susan Greenes out of 5

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