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It’s Raw…the Day After – April 6th, 2015

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Time for another 5 thoughts from Raw. This week from the RAW that was from the 6th of April 2015.

Be warned, even though there were a couple of matches that were very well done, everything else on this weeks show was kinda a stinker. HOWEVER right after the show on WWE Network there was a great interview with John Cena conducted by the charismatic Chris Jericho. If you can please check it out. It’s less intense than some of the Stone Cold stuff they did, but it was still an amazing interview and Jericho, however, is a much less intense of an interviewer in general.

On to the thoughts…

1)That opening promo… what.. what they hell was that? For every step forward they take 2 back. Last weeks opening promo was so intense so amazing, this week was 10 minutes of snoring until they got somewhere. Why the hell did they spend so much time just recapping WM? Cause they didn’t do it last week. Okay I giggled a bit at the Kane stuff… but we could have cut that whole promo in half and still gotten the same result. These 20 odd minute rambling promos. I know why they do them. They do them to provide a hook for a casual viewer but damn man..
2)The commentary team. Ugh. The Book is back. Last week was a great time to transition commentary teams, instead we’re going to end up with the same people as of next week. No offense to Booker but he’s so often impossible to understand. And Byron was never a play by play guy in NXT. The best commentary team in the WWE for a while has been Saxton on color, Tom Phillips on play by play and a third analyst. You know what the WWE needs on commentary. They need Jesse Ventura. Or rather someone who commentates like him, that honesty of loving heels and pointing out the hypocrisy when the play by players enjoy faces cheating and stuff. That would be awesome.
3)Having Neville challenge  Seth this week was interesting. If I remember rightly, next week’s RAW is in England, this would have been a great main event there (hell they might even go back to the well with how good the match was). And this match came about given the fact that Triple H and Steph were not in attendance, Kane was in charge and Seth got under his skin . This is important for another note coming up. I’m interested in this whole Kane stepping down, playing up even more dissension in the ranks. Last time they teased it, it was a work, hopefully not this time. Oh and props to them both for a great match, moreso to Seth for making Neville look like a million bucks by allowing him to hang. Also I love J&J security so much.
4)Where was Paul Heyman? The Best mic man in the business, the most consistent performer in WWE for years. In a night where Triple H and Steph were not there, he should have been there manipulating Kane into allowing Brock back. Hell even a promo against the absentee principal owner about her declaring war on the Beast. Or to ask why Brock was not allowed to join the triple threat; just not having him on the show is a mistake. I know he might need a rest but at least do something more than just showing us a replay of Brock trashing the announce area.
5)I love the Open Challenge thing that Cena is doing. LOVE IT. Listen to the promo he cut before the match tonight giving the opportunity thing. It’s exactly what I was talking about last week and it’s bringing more focus to the title and being a fighting champion like he is, putting the belt up more and more is going to make it more meaningful when he finally loses it. And they put on a great match. I can’t say enough that this open challenge thing is going to make for great television if it keeps up. WWE take note:  you are doing this right, a champion defending a lot, winning matches and not losing EVERY non title match ever is how you build great champions, you’ve done it with 2 US champions in a row.. now for the IC belt.

So on the whole,  other than 2 very strong matches from Cena/Stardust and Rollins/Neville,  the show kinda sucked. The result of the main event triple threat was predictable at best, the rest of the show was pretty bad after last weeks stellar episode. About a 4.5 from me this week. The rating is only so high because of 2 stellar matches.

Three Stars of the Show
Seth Rollins
John Cena/Stardust (yeah that’s technically 4 people, but it’s my list. Deal with it)

Anyway, please leave your thoughts and comments below, on our facebook or twitter, or tweet me @BobTGoldfish to discuss your thoughts. Until next week
See you in the Squared Circle

Ben Taylor.

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