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The 10 Greatest Undertaker Moments

Today as the Undertaker turns 50, it’s time to take a look at his storied career.  He has the longest win streak in Wrestlemania, he has battled titans, and he is one of the most decorated wrestlers to step in the squared circle.  This Sunday may be his last Wrestlemania as he steps in the ring with Bray Wyatt so we don’t know what to expect.  But today, let’s take a look at some of the most notable moments of his career.

The Chokeslam to Hell

I know it may be a weird place to start, but let’s face it, if there ever was an OH SHIT moment was this one from 1999.  Undertaker vs the Big Show and then out of nowhere, a chokeslam but…’Taker goes through the ring!

Undertaker vs Vader…and Mankind?

Vader terrorized the WCW for many years before coming to the WWE.  Then he ran across the Undertaker.  Vader was pretty much beaten in this match before a surprise got the best of the Undertaker.  But the Undertaker would not be denied, even in defeat!

Undertaker vs Undertaker

Probably one of the weirdest matches ever in that you have to find someone who matches Undertaker’s height and physique (this was Brian Lee). This was one of the craziest SummerSlam matches of 1994.

Undertaker vs Brett Hart

if you didn’t hate the Undertaker enough early in his career, this did it.  Brett Hart had the Undertaker locked in with a submission but in true heel style, Undertaker cheats to win.

Undertaker meets Kane for the First Time

Many may not remember it but at Badd Blood 1997, this was the first ever Hell in a Cell match.  It featured Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. Undertaker is about to put the wraps on this match when baby brother appears and the rest as they say, is history.

Undertaker vs Edge

The Title vs The Streak.  Nothing more can be said.   This was a hard fought match and probably the closest time before last year that the Undertaker almost lost.

Remember that time Undertaker died and went to “Heaven”?

In the Royal Rumble 1994, it took nearly 10 other people to help Yokozuna to put the DeadMan down but…as they say, some things don’t stay dead.

The First Title Win

This match was the foundation of The Undertaker’s legacy as he beat Hulk Hogan at 1991’s Survivor Series.  Nothing is is as sweet as the first title.

Undertake vs Kane Feud

Undertaker has faced Austin, The Rock, Triple H and so many others.  But in 1998, Undertaker vs kane had one of the biggest feuds happening at the time.  Things lit on fire, people being burned, you name it, it happened. But the lightning bolt hitting the casket and Undertaker walking thru the flames of hell was one of the highlights

Undertaker throws Mankind from the top of the cell in the Hell in the Cell match.

Nearly 20 years later, this match is still talked about as it really breached the veil between fantasy and reality.   A bunch of us gathered to watch this match as the moment when Mankind went over the side, we really asked ourselves if that really happened.  For those that attended, if the crowd went quiet there, the TV crowd was even more silent. More shocking was that the match continued and the thing that wasn’t supposed to happen (which many of us found out later) in which the top of the cage broke and the MATCH STILL CONTINUED.  In my opinion, this still was one of the best Undertaker moments ever.


So I know there are plenty that was missed including matches Undertaker vs Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels and many others, not to mention Undertaker choke-slamming a mini-Taker,  so feel free to list in the comments below some of your favorite Undertaker moments on this, his 50th Birthday.

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