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Dark Legacy: The Rising Shuffles the Deck Brings both RPGers and Card Gamers to the table.

So one of my friends, Bryan Tillman has a card game called Dark Legacy which can be purchased here.

This is what he has to say about the game:

Alexandria, VA – Kaiser Studio Productions has released a tabletop card game with broad appeal called Dark Legacy: The Rising. It mixes the best elements of current collectable card games with role playing and strategic properties, wrapped up in a sci-fi/fantasy story. Dark Legacy has something for everyone; for the novice, the game is easy to pick up while the potential for a variety of strategic scenarios will engage experienced players. Dark Legacy can be played one-on-one or in team battle.

In the current storyline of Dark Legacy, the planet Titan is at war. The Kaiser, an evil battle-mage, is bringing this world to its knees. Anything is possible here and anyone can become a legend. No longer just bystanders in battle, players participate as war generals within one of six different factions. Equipping themselves with weapons, armor and relics, players can become whoever they imagine themselves to be. They must destroy their opponent armies by building a deck of magic spells that no one can withstand, rolling the d20 in their favor and strategically summoning their army to be the strongest.

Dark Legacy was designed for ages 10 and up, with an average play time of about 30-40 minutes.

The game can be purchased from ThinkGeek or from the site

The game was developed by me, story, characters, mechanics, layout everything. I did about 90% of the art the other 10 percent was done by fellow artist that wanted to let me get some sleep towards the end. The card are is all done in a comic book style. The next set of Dark Legacy is in development and is set to release by the end of July.

Watch the video below for a demo!

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