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Let’s Make A Mockery! : Everly Movie Review

Salma Hayek plays commando in Joe Lynch’s befuddled mess of a film, Everly. Don’t believe what you have heard about this film. Everly is less Die Hard, and more of a bargain basement version of I Spit On Your Grave. I recommend anyone planning to see this film, turn off your brain, all common sense, and logic while watching. If you don’t, this film will leave you supremely frustrated.

Everly (Salma Hayek),  is a sex slave whom is fed up with suffering abuse at the hand of her pimp, mob boss Taiko, (played by Hiroyuiki Watanabe). Taiko, feels betrayed by Everly after she agreed to testify against him, so in retaliation, he sends in his entire mob cavalry to make sure Everly does not live to see another day.  What ensues next is a spiral of non-stop action filled with blood, and guts, as Everly uses her wit and smarts to fight to stay alive long enough to see her child.

Everly is a likable character, and understandably angry at the direction her life has taken. Every killing she makes is certainly justifiable, and you are really rooting for her character to make it out alive. Everly is also quite charming, and delivers some sassy, and humorous one liners, even when things are at their worst.  Salma Hayek is the shining star here, and is the only thing that makes this film worth watching. She delivers a good performance within the confines of what she’s been given, which is not much.  I am sad to see such a good actress fall so low. I was blown away with her performance in Frida, so I know she can do better. Salma Hayek deserves better! Hayek is a beautiful, confident, and strong willed woman, so why she would get involved in this degrading, nonsense of a movie is beyond me.

Writer Yale Hannon, and Director Joe Lynch don’t seem to know what type of film they wanted this to be. The prostitute seeking revenge and retribution has been done before, and handled in a better fashion than this. First, the film starts off with off beat humor, then it gets super emotional when her daughter shows up (a subplot that is totally irrelevant), and then the film goes into Takashi Miike territory. With all of these cinematic shifts, the film still goes no where!

Human trafficking and slavery is a serious issue, and its disappointing to see this issue treated in such a flimsy way. Not only that, it is purposely misogynistic with its treatment of the female characters, and give absolutely no satisfaction toward addressing the issue; not even a little bit. Casting Salma Hayek was obviously done to give viewers something nice to look at. She is a stunning Woman, but she may not be enough to keep you involved. If you can skip Everly, trust me you won’t be missing anything. If you do happen to watch this, do not say I did not warn you.

 Rating:  C-

Everly is on VOD, and DVD Now!


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