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Review Brew: Inhumans #12

PCU_LOGO_ReviewBrewWriter: Charles Soule
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Colors: Richard Isanove
Reviewer: Ray Willis

Return of the King?

As the forces of the Ennilux corporation try to siege new Attilan, Black Bolt himself makes a return to help fend of the forces but what is his reason for being here?

This was an explosive issue of Inhumans featuring the former king Black Bolt. Charles Soule really does a good job of setting up what’s going to come in the later issues of the series. The writing is good, returning Black Bolt to New Attilan and having conflict with Medusa after the inversion spell was lifted last issue. Black Bolt does save the day after taking down the men from Ennilux and gets a good look at Iso, the “NuMan” that arrived on New Attilan. The return is good for some but Medusa doesn’t like the idea of faking his death, being with his crazed brother Maximus, and dropping the terrigen bomb over the earth. We also learn how far Ennilux will go in order to take back Iso from Reader and we also see that Lineage has plans in store for the in later issues.

The art for me was good but could need a once over. The action scenes were really good and showed off a little of the “NuMans” but Black Bolt stole the show with his return. The scenes of the characters just talking and fighting are good but the art of the faces of some of the characters don’t look as fleshed out. A few places in particular is Black Bolts mask adjusted in a way that it didn’t look right and Nur seeming to de-age a bit after the fight against Ennilux.

This was a good issue of Inhumans setting up the stage for what’s to come in the next few issues of the series before “Secret Wars”. The writing was good from Charles Soule, given some depth to the Medusa and Black Bolt relationship. The art from this issue is good but could have been better. I’m actually kind of curious to what Lineage has in store for the Inhumans down the line. Overall this was a good issues that was fun.

4 out of 5 Black Bolts

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